Legend Of Mushroom: How To Get Mount

Not sure how to unlock and get Mount in Legend of Mushroom? Here’s how you can obtain them.

Mounts in the Legend of Mushroom play a greater role than just a simple ride. Even the basic ones bring different kinds of bonuses from HP to attack and defense. The Advanced Mounts have extra skills, apart from the upgradable effects – often used for the Pals. If you just started the adventure, you might be wondering when and how to get those. Here’s how to unlock and obtain them.

How to Unlock a Mount in Legend of Mushroom

You will unlock and receive your first free Mount on the fourth day after clearing the Normal Stage level 5-10. After that, you need to collect and spend Clockwinder to upgrade its stats and advance it.

The Clockwinder can be obtained from certain events like Mount Rush, purchased with the Diamonds, and rewarded in the battle pass. As you upgrade them, their tiers will increase, and you will get bonuses like critical damage and evasion.

How to Get More Mounts

Unlock Mount in Legend of Mushroom
  • Rush Shop: Rush Shop uses the tokens you earn by ranking in the leaderboard. These events stay active only for a few days, so you should check daily to find new ones. As we have mentioned above Mount Rush lets you earn Clockwinder, which means you can get both the items at once through this.
  • Event Draws: All events like the Easter Egg and Paper Windmill use their unique currency to draw items like Mounts. Usually, there is only one Mount in the Gacha, and the rate also differs depending on its rarity. You can get the event currency by completing its tasks.
  • Event Shop: Similar to draws, all events have shops, where you can exchange currency for Coins, Skills, Pals, Mounts, and more.

That’s all on how to unlock and get a Mount in Legend of Mushroom. If you found this useful, you should check out the latest Legend of Mushroom codes, steps to add friends and our Class tier list.