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How To Quickly Unlock Gear In Outriders

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Gear in Outriders will enhance your capabilities and give you not only better stats that will make you a better player but also completely change your strategies by offering you better defenses against all or a certain enemy type. Each gear will grant you added defensive points that stack up as you keep on adding them in the game. If you wish to know how to get gear in Outriders, make sure to check this out.

How To Unlock Gear In Outriders


To get gear in outriders all you have to do is pick up the loot that is fallen on the ground. You can use the auto-loot button to get all the drops which will include gear and weapons. The more you level up, the faster you will be able to unlock different gear in Outriders. If you wish to get your hands on the Hell’s Rangers gear in Outriders, you will have to reach level 10 and then it will be unlocked.

how to unlock gear in Outriders
To unlock gears in Outriders you will need to level up

Just like this, each gear has a specific level that needs to be met, once you meet all the level requirements you will be able to unlock those specific gears that will grant you more defensive stats than the previous one. All of these gears will have mod slots where you can place a specific mod to enhance it and add a passive skill to it.


Outriders being a looter-shooter gives players a ton of options when it comes to weapons and gear mods. Once you have picked up the loot from the floor, the weapon or the gear will come attached with the mod. All you have to do is dismantle it and then use the mod from it to add to your arsenal.

You can pick any weapon or gear from your inventory to add a mod to it, this will increase your stats and give you a passive buff. Having mods that can inflict status damages is most preferred in Outriders as they will keep on killing enemies even when you’re not actively attacking them.

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