How to Unlock and Find Flamingos in Need for Speed Heat

A game needs to have something that will make you strive for earning that sweet achievement trophy, though there are plenty in Need For Speed Heat, one involves finding flamingos in the game. This guide will show you how to unlock flamingos in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Unlock and Find Flamingos in Need for Speed Heat

The map of Need For Speed Heat is massive, and naturally, the flamingos are available throughout the city. As you discover newer places in Need For Speed Heat you will come across more of them. There are about a hundred flamingos in the game and as such, they are scattered everywhere.

When Do the Flamingos Appear?

Technically as soon as you reach REP level 13 you should start seeing flamingos in the Need For Speed Heat, before that they are locked and you won’t be able to locate them or even see them in the game. There is an event that happens after you leave Lucas’ garage and you get a text box that notifies that the flamingos have appeared in the game.

This is the point from when you can start collecting the flamingos in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Find Flamingos

Finding flamingos is easier to find that you think, all you have to do is keep driving along the roads, most of the flamingos are found near the roads and as soon as you pass one by you will be notified and it will show on your mini-map.

Even if you are in a race, you will be able to collect the flamingo after the race is done. All you have to pay attention to the alert which says “FLAMINGO NEARBY”.
Once the flamingo is marked on your map it stays until you collect it by going to its physical level.

How to Collect Flamingos for Rewards

All you have to do is simply bump a flamingo with your car or simply run it over and it will register as a flamingo captured, finding the flamingo is easy and you can spot them from afar, you will see a neon pink flamingo floating in the air.

Just go there and either bump it or just run over it and it will disappear from your minimap and will be registered to your progress.

Collecting flamingo isn’t just about registering a silly number but you also get a small amount of bank and reputation in Need For Speed Heat, this may not seem that much at first but it collects to be a large number when you’re done collecting all of the 100 flamingos in Need For Speed Heat.

Collecting all the 100 flamingoes in Need For Speed Heat also unlocks a Porsche Cayman GT4, as well as Candy Pink Tire Smoke and a Flamingo Decal.

This is all there is to know about how to unlock and collect all the flamingo in Need For Speed Heat. Check our other NFS Heat Wiki Guides for all the tips, tricks and tweaks in the game only on GamerTweak.