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How To Unlock Dual Blade & Flame Thrower Weapon In The Surge 2

Dual + Fire Weapon Complete Destruction

The Surge 2 to has some amazing weapons to unlock on your weapon during the campaign. There are there two weapons that you cannot miss at all, and add them in your inventory. First is a dual blade weapon called as Klinge Velo-Saw that works similar to Bootleg Splitchleaver, a dual-ax weapon. The dual knife weapon allows you to attack with a high-speed swing and has an amazing finisher. The second one that you can find in the same location is Bootleg Firestarter, a flamethrower attached to your right arm with additional Fire Damage. So let’s proceed with our guide on how to unlock Klinge Velo-Saw a dual blade and Bootleg Firestarter in The Surge 2.

Bootleg Firestarter – Flamethrower Weapon Location


After defeating an armored soldier on the bridge that gives you access to Canal Back Alleys, there are bosses in this region. First goes straight into the alley where you will face the enemy with the flame thrower weapon a dual knife yielding regular armored enemy. Continuing to the main entrance of Canal Back Alleys you will find the enemy right in front of you with a Flamethrower weapon attached to his hand.

Defeat the enemy and cut down the limbs to unlock Bootleg Firestarter. You can equip the weapon from the inventory. It comes with 72 damage during the initial stage, with 100% Attack speed. The weapon offers +80% Energy gain and consumes 105% stamina. With all these, it features 37 Fire Damage. So you have a little more damage to use while fighting.

Klinge Velo-Saw – Dual Blade Weapon Location


Once you are done with killing the enemy that drops Bootleg Firestarter you have to go right, there are stairs at the corner. Follow the yellow arrow sign on left and walk all the way up. The enemy is guarding a lobby area on your right. Look for a women armored soldier, she is the one with the dull blade. Kill her and you will unlock Klinge Velo-Saw.

Klinge Velo-Saw comes with 79 damage and has 90% attack speed. It offers +30% energy gain and consumes 100% stamina.