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How To Unlock Dragon Quest Builders 2 multiplayer?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a ton of fun, the sandbox game lets you create blocks and expand your reach as far as your imagination will take. But one thing what the game does not specify is how to play with your friends.

How To Acess Dragon Quest Builders 2 multiplayer


Even though the game supports a multiplayer option it is not specifically said how to get your friend and join in on the campaign. The multiplayer option is probably one of the most fun aspects of the game and this guide will show you how to how to unlock multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

First and foremost, you will have to spend some time by yourself in the game. You will need to get your basics done and progress for a bit before you can call your friends in. It will take around 4-8 hours to unlock multiplayer, depending on how you play.

  1. You will need to complete the first island in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you will need to do everything there is on the Furrowfield island before you progress.
  2. Once you have completed this, return to the starting island and you will be handed tasks which will involve Stone Tablet, like to make some Meadows, some Forest and make a River.
  3. As you complete these tasks you will get another task to retrieve a chicken which will unlock the Explorer’s Shores feature.
  4. Return with the chicken and complete the other Stone Tablet tasks and upon completion, a powerful force will emanate from the Tablet and you can see a portal opening which will let you head down to the beach into Online Multiplayer.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 Unlock Multiplayer

This is all there is to do, once you have this option unlocked, you can go visit your friend’s island and even bring them to yours and experience what it feels like to build together.

To play Multiplayer on the PS4 you will need an active PS Plus subscription and a Nintendo Online subscription if you are on the Nintendo Switch.