How To Unlock Contracts In Valorant

Learn how to unlock contracts in Valorant.

Valorant is undoubtedly the hottest fps game in the world at the moment. The game currently has 16 unique ability wielding agents set across 6 maps. In Valorant, each agent has their own contract to unlock. In this guide, you’ll learn how to unlock contracts in Valorant with tips and tricks included and solve all queries related to it.

How to Unlock Contracts in Valorant?

  1. On the home page, select the “Agents” option
  2. Select the agent whose contract you want to unlock
  3. If the “Recruit” option is locked, select “View Contract”
  4. Complete the XP requirement until tier 5
  5. Unlock the agent and select “Recruit”
  6. You have now unlocked an agent contract

What are Contracts in Valorant and what do they do?

A Contract in Valorant gives you ability to unlock an agent and their corresponding cosmetic upgrades. Barring the first 2 agents after the tutorial, all other agents have an xp requirement to unlock. Most agent contracts in Valorant have the agent recruitment unlocked after tier 5 of that contract is complete.

Since agent unlocks aren’t the end of the contract, you’ll need to keep playing and earning XP to unlock the undermentioned items.
In addition to agent unlocks, contracts provide – sprays, titles, cards and skins – each corresponding to the agent.

unlock contracts in valorant

Tips and Tricks to follow:

  • If you want to unlock all Valorant agent contracts without wanting to waste time – you can.
    This comes at a price though, with a cost of around 1000 Valorant points for a tier 1-5 unlock.
  • Pay attention to missions and finish them on time  they provide additional XP points after completion.
  • If you find yourself playing unrated or competitive games but being unable to earn victory, play spike rushes since
    they are usually light hearted, have a shorter duration and yield 1000xp in either instances of victory or defeat.
  • It’s important to check your contract’s progress since you may unknowingly complete a contract and not initiate a new one, thereby wasting Valorant xp points.
    This guide was meant to assist you on how to unlock contracts in Valorant and also find a quick route to completing them !

Follow the tips and tricks to get unlocking! If you liked this guide and it helped you, check out Valorant Tier List of Best Agents To Play.