How To Unlock Comic Book Tracer Skin In Overwatch

Unlock the newly available skin in Overwatch.

The developers of Overwatch have introduced a new challenge event named Tracer Comic Challenge event in the game. The challenge is themed on Overmatch comic and grants various rewards to players on completing the event. One of the most exciting rewards of the challenge is the Comic Book Tracer skin that should be unlocked. But you need to complete the challenge quickly as it runs only from 15th September 2020 to 28th September 2020.

This guide will walk you through how to unlock Comic Book Tracer skin, how to complete the event, what are the rewards, and how to get the rewards. So it will basically cover everything that you need to know about the Tracer Comic Challenge event.

How to Complete The Tracer Comic Challenge

There’s nothing extra that you need to do to complete this challenge. All you need to focus is on playing the game. The task to complete the Tracer Comic Challenge event is to play and win nine games in any mode.

What are The Rewards for Completing The Tracer Comic Challenge

The challenge grants three major rewards to players. The list of all the major rewards are:

  • Comic Tracer Player icon
  • Comic Tracer Spray
  • Comic Book Tracer Skin

Apart from these major rewards, there are also six different Tracer Spray rewards that can be earned not from the game but somewhere else. We will get to it shortly.

How to Unlock Comic Book Tracer Skin and Other Major Rewards

It is really easy to unlock Comic Book Tracer skin and other rewards in Overwatch as the challenge itself tasks players to only win games. When you win the first three games you unlock the Comic Tracer Player icon. On completion of the next three wins, you get Comic Tracer Spray. Finally, on winning the last three games, you unlock the Comic Book Tracer skin in Overwatch.

How to Unlock Other Rewards From The Tracer Comic Challenge

As mentioned earlier, the other six sprays can’t be unlocked from the game. What you need to do is watch streams on Twitch to get these rewards. The first two hours of the watch gives you one spray, the next two hours gives you two sprays, and the last two hours gives you the final three sprays. All these six sprays are associated with a sound effect from Tracer’s comic book. The sound effects of the sprays are:

  • Blink!
  • Pow!
  • Bang!
  • Zap!
  • Pew! Pew!
  • Whack!

That’s how you unlock Comic Book Tracer skin in Overwatch. While here, you can also read about unlock other skins such as Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta Legendary skin and the Legendary Maestro Sigma skin.