How to Unlock Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta Legendary Skin In Overwatch

A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience.

Zenyatta is getting a brand new legendary skin during the Overwatch Anniversary event and here is how you can grab it. The skin will turn Zenyatta into a legendary warrior, announced through the official tweet the skin will be available in two ways. First Overwatch players can unlock it during the event or they buy it from the store. In this Overwatch Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta Legendary Skin Guide, you can learn about to add this legendary cosmetic to your inventory.

How to unlock Zenyatta Legendary Skin In Overwatch?

Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta Legendary Skin will be available during the Overwatch Anniversary event that starts on May 19 and ends on June 9, 2020. During this period players will be able to earn Zenyatta and other skins via loot boxes. But if you want to buy it then it cost 3000 coins each. If you haven’t seen how the new skin Zenyatta looks in the legendary skin then check the tweet below.

The skin gives a mythological look to the character featuring jewelry, gems, and a feather hat. His pose reminds of Dr.Strange, to grab the skin do not forget to mark down the event date. That is May 19, when the Overwatch Anniversary event kicks in.

Zenyatta fits well with his personality of a wandering guru and an adventure. Inspired from monastery kinds of elements Zenyatta is a healer in the team. Fans of this Overwatch hero will be happy to unlock the legendary cosmetic during the event, it will require a bit of grinding.

An recent update coming up legendary skin for Mercy called as Dragoon Mercy. Giving her a completely new dragon based look with an helmet, wings and a fearsome attitude. This legendary cosmetic is also a part of Overwatch May Event. Stay tuned for more updates only on