Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How To Unlock And Get All Characters

Here is how to unlock all the characters of Bomb Ruse Cyberfunk.

Wondering how to unlock and play all characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? There are more than a dozen characters you can use for parkour in the game. All have their pros and cons. And using characters suitable for missions makes using them more fun. You get some characters during the story and obtain some from the side quest and after the main scenario. This game offers more characters in the post-game than the main story. So read along and unlock them all.

How to Get All Characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

How to Get All Characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Main Story Characters

  • Rave: Complete three challenges to recruit her. Find her in Verdum Hills Subway Station for the first challenge. The second time you met her in the bazaar. And the third task is undertaken from the hideout’s entrance.
  • Shine: Go to Millennium Mall’s food court and complete her challenge. Then follow her till you reach the warehouse to recruit her.
  • Mesh: Look for him in the Brink Terminal and complete his task. Then find him outside the tallest tower to beat his score. Lastly, go to the canal through the tunnel, and finish the task to get this Bomb Rush Cyberfunk character on board.
  • Rise: Find Rise at the far entrance of Pyramid Island. Take her picture and climb the bridge above her. You will receive a message, climb to the top, and meet near the red spiral. Complete her challenges and make her join your side.
  • Vinyl & Solance: Complete the main story to unlock these characters of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

How to Unlock Post-Game Characters of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

  • Coil: Find him in Mataan’s alley and copy his moves. Go to the Gold Statue and receive a text. Go to the location text is taking you and then make your way to the Strip’s entrance to get another text. This time you have to meet him in Mataan. Complete the challenge in Golden Statue and get the character.
  • Flesh Prince: Look for him in Mattan and copy his moves.
  • Frank: Meet him on top of Verdum Hills main Plaza. Finish the challenge to unlock.
  • Rietveld: Go to the basketball court near Frank’s hideout. Finish the boss fight there and recruit this character of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
  • Futurism: Find her near the Gold Statue of Mataan and complete her challenge.
  • DOT EXE: Meet him at the Theater entrance and finish his challenge.
  • DJ Cyber: Grind Millennium Square billboards to find him and complete the challenge.
  • Eclipse: Go to the Brink Terminal and complete his task.
  • Devil Theory: Go to Pyramid Island’s second level and finish the challenge to get this Bomb Rush Cyberfunk character.
  • Oldhead: Tag all grafiti locations.
  • Felix & Red: Meet them on the dancefloor.
  • Base & Jay: Buy DLC “Base & Jay” to get them.

With this, you can now unlock all characters of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. If you found this guide interesting and looking for similar topics, then check out Bomb Rush Cyberfunk guides. Read how to unlock skates and then learn how to break glass.