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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: How To Break Glass (Steps Guide)

If you are struggling to bypass the Glass barrier in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, then we'll help you out with it.

Just like you, many players out there are stuck with some Glass obstacles in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk that they are unable to break. And there’s a high chance that you’ll run into various glass walls & glass floors every now and then. So you must know how to deal with it. As a downside, the game doesn’t describe much about how they can get past it and leaves the players on their own. If you are struggling to get the other side of the glass barrier to obtain the item, then don’t worry. Below we have mentioned the perfect way to get you out of this pickle.

How to Break Glass Walls & Floors in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

How to Break Glass Walls & Floors in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
Source Image: Droglodyte

To break the Glass floor in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you’ll first have to equip the Skates and then perform a trick on the platform. It can be any trick of your choice, a mid-air one or simply the ground one. Doing so will shatter the glass in pieces and allow you to grab the items lying on the other side of it. The glass floor may differ in color from glass windows or walls, so make sure you keep an eye out.

How to Break Glass Walls & Floors in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Tips & Tricks To Shatter Glass

Speaking of glass walls, they can seem quite difficult to break, but they aren’t. You just have to apply a little boost with any of the gear you have and you’ll be good to go. According to us, using the Jetpack boost is the best way to bypass the Glass wall barriers. And as mentioned earlier, players may run into such barriers every now and then. So ensure you explore each and every part of it, as it usually holds an item for you such as CDs and other collectibles.

That sums everything up about how you can break glass walls & floors in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. If you haven’t got your hands on the Skates yet, then check out how you can do it. Also, take a look at the other Video Game Guides for more such tips & tricks.