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How To Unlock Anna And Elsa In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's how you can unlock Elsa and Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking a character to complete quests and increase friendship level is an essential feature of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Herein you can also unlock your favorite Disney characters and hang out with them such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen. And this guide will give you all the details needed to unlock Elsa and Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to Unlock Anna and Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Unlock Anna and Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • As Elsa and Anna are unlocked later in the game, you will first need to unlock the Forest of Valor Biome and access the second floor of the Dream Castle.
  • Look for a door with a Snowflake symbol which is the doorway to the Frozen realm and use 4000 Dreamlight to access the Frozen realm.
  • Once you enter the Frozen Realm, you will interact with Anna and she will give you the quest where you will need to Calm down the Spirits of Nature and reach Elsa.
  • The first task will be to put off the fire in the forest with your Watering Can and catch the Fire spirit with the Gloves that Anna gave you.
  • After catching the Fire spirit return it to Anna and the next task begins.
  • In this task, you will wake up the Earth Giant with Stone Soup by placing it nearby its feet.
  • A cutscene will appear showing Earth Giant walking away and then you will break some rocks to create a path and follow Anna to the Water Spot.
  • After the conversation with Anna, you will use your Fishing Rod to take out Anna’s Engagement ring from the pond to Calm down the Water Spirit.
  • And Finally, you will reach Elsa and she will ask you to craft 3 Wind Chimes to calm down the Spirit of Nature.
  • To Craft Wind Chimes you will need 15x Softwood and 3x Iron Ingots.
  • Place these Wind Chimes around the trees surrounding Elsa and the quest will be completed.
  • After completing this quest you can talk to Anna and invite her to your Village and you will unlock Anna.
  • You will need to increase the friendship level with Anna and complete the ‘An Icy Invitation’ quest to get Elsa into your Village.

How to Complete ‘An Icy Invitation’ Quest?

Unlock Anna and Elsa in Dreamlight Valley

  • After an interaction with Anna over a Bridge in the Forest of Valor where Tree Stumps Blocking the path, Anna will ask you to bring the book from her home and give it to her.
  • She will then give you detail for upgrading your Shovel.
  • To Upgrade your Shovel, you will need 10x Softwood, 4x Hardwood, 4x Iron Ingots, and 3x Tinkering Parts to craft the Shovel Head.
  • Use the Shovel Head to upgrade your Shovel and head back to the Forest of Valor.
  • Remove the Stumps with your upgraded Shovel.
  • After removing the obstacles, interact with Anna and follow her to the Ice Cavern.
  • Once you reach there take a Photo with Anna.
  • And then head to the Frozen Realm with the letter to visit Elsa and give her the letter.
  • Then at the end of the conversation, Elsa will be ready to move into your village.

That’s everything covered for how to Unlock Elsa and Anna. Also, Check out our guide on how to upgrade tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.