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How To Upgrade Tools In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hey now, you’re an all star. Come find the sharpest tool in the shed to upgrade with this guide!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim type adventure RPG in the world of Dreamlight Valley where you can find your favorite Disney characters and interact with them. During your initial adventure, you can get a hold of the Royal Tools that include a Shovel, a Pickaxe, a Watering Can, and a Fishing Rod. These tools are all you require to progress through the game. However, there are parts of the map that are blocked by elements like Coral, Ice, and Mystical Mushroom. Now, these elements cannot be broken with the basic Royal Tools. You need to upgrade them by completing something known as a Friendship Quest. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about how to upgrade your tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing Friendship Quests.

How to Upgrade your Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, upgrading your tools will require you to complete a set of Friendship Quests for a certain character. In order for them to assign you the quests, you need to travel to their particular Realm and bring them back with you to the Valley. All of this while completing other side quests that are required. There are a total of four upgrades that are available for your Royal Tools. Follow the steps below to acquire all these four upgrades:

Pickaxe Upgrades

There are two sets of upgrades for the Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The base form of this Royal Tool is only limited to mining rocks. You can upgrade this to have the ability to break Ice Crystals and Large Corals.

  • Ice Upgrade: You can get this upgrade by completing Friendship Quests assigned by Elsa in the Frozen Realm. The final quest ‘Breaking the Ice’ will give your Pickaxe the ability to shatter Ice Crystals. This opens up access to regions of the Forest of Valor and Frosted Heights.
  • Coral Upgrade: You can get this upgrade by completing Friendship Quests assigned by Mauri in the Moana Realm. The final quest in this caseb gives your pickaxe the ability to break Large Coral blocks. This opens up access to the region of Dazzle Beach.

An important thing to remember is that in order to unlock the final quests for your Pickaxe upgrade, you need to reach Level 4 of Friendship with both Else and Mauri.

Shovel Upgrades

The Shovel Tool can be upgraded to clear Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Breaking Tree Stumps can drop valuable hardwood.
In order to get this upgrade you need to complete Friendship Quests assigned by Anna in the Frozen Realm. This upgrade is fairly easy to get as Anna does not have that many quests. After completing these quests, you can remove the unappealing Tree Stumps from the ground which was previously not possible.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Upgrade Tools

Watering Can Upgrade

The Watering Can Tool can be upgraded to remove the Mystical Mushrooms. You can get this upgrade by completing Merlin’s Friendship Quests. Eventually you’ll reach the quest ‘The Final Trial’ that grants your Watering Can the ability to clear Mystical Mushrooms. This opens up access to the region of Glade of Trust. You also receive a Wizard Hat upon completing the final quest of Merlin.

Fishing Rod

At the time of writing of this article, we have found that there are no upgrades to the Fishing Rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We will update about any future patches to the game.

That is all you need to know on how to upgrade tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, check our our other gaming guides on GamerTweak.