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FFXIV: How To Complete The Unidentified Flying Object Quest

Trying to start the Unidentified Flying Object quest in FFXIV? Keep reading to learn how to do that and about beating Proto Ultima.

In FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14) you can start the Unidentified Flying Object quest and beat Proto Ultima. This quest was introduced in the Patch 3.5 of the game and was limited to being weekly. The limit was later removed in the Patch 5.3 of the game. This quest rewards you with the Proto Ultima Heat Shielding. So if you are looking to get your hands on it check out how to beat Proto Ultima in Unidentified Flying Object in FFXIV.

How to Complete the Unidentified Flying Object Quest in FFXIV


ffxiv unidentified flying object
Image Credit: ChannelDotTheDot on YouTube

You can start the Unidentified Flying Object quest in this game by talking to Slipslix. And complete the quest by defeating Proto Ultima. It has the following prerequisites before you can start:

  • Your character should be at least level 60.
  • It must also have at least one item that is of level 235 or more.
  • Complete the quest “Freedom For Our Skies”.


After you have the above prerequisites, follow along.

  1. Go and talk to the Slipslix. It is a Goblin that you can find in Idyllshire.
  2. Accept the quest from it and get through its dialogues.
  3. Next, use the Duty Finder and enter Dun Scaith.
  4. Go to Dun Scaith and fight the Proto Ultima along with the other players.
  5. This fight is an alliance battle, so there is a good chance you can beat it on your first try. Be wary of laser attacks of Proto Ultima, the lower its health gets the more AoE attacks it starts using.
  6. Once its health reaches 0% it will get defeated.
  7. You will get the Allagan Weapon Scrap for defeating it.
  8. Go and talk to Slipslix and give it the Allagan Weapon Scrap. After another set of dialogues, it will give you the Proto Ultima Heat Shielding.

You can use the Proto Ultima Heat Shielding by giving it to Slimthix and exchanging different items for it.


That covers this guide on how to complete the Unidentified Flying Object quest in FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14). Since you like playing this game you should also check if the Tea Emote is worth it.