How To Play Underwater In Genshin Impact (Glitch)

Check out the steps to go underwater in Genshin Impact.

As we all know that Genshin Impact is an Open world RPG, where you can explore the world easily. But there’s more to it, with the help of some glitches and bugs you can now explore the underwater area. Many players have used these glitches and completed various quests quickly in the game. If you also want to go and try walking underwater in Genshin Impact, then here’s how you can do it.

How to Walk Underwater in Genshin Impact? (Bug Tutorial)

How To Play Underwater In Genshin Impact
Picture Credits: Shiz Live

We have mentioned all the glitches that you can use to walk underwater in Genshin Impact. Go ahead and try them all before the developers fix them.

Stuck Between Rafts Glitch

  • First, you’ll need to teleport to Liyue Harbor.
  • Then, fly towards the North and look for the vendor on the raft.
  • After that, you’ll need to try to get stuck between the raft and the bridge.
  • And after a few seconds, you’ll fall underwater.

In this method we recommend you to use tall characters like Zhongli. If this glitch is fixed, then don’t worry we have another one ready for you.

Ice Platform Bug

  • In this glitch, the player will first have to teleport to the Temple Of Wolf.
  • After that, head towards the water but before you jump in it, you’ll need to freeze the water and create an Ice Platform.
  • You can easily freeze the water and create an ice platform by using the abilities of characters like Qiqi, & Ganyu.
  • Once the ice platform is ready, you’ll need to land over it.
  • After that, form another ice bridge as soon as the previous one starts to disappear.
  • And then, keep freezing the water until you reach a corner wall.
  • Once you reach near a corner wall try walking through it until the game teleports you to the other side of the wall.
  • After you’ve teleported to the other side, keep swimming towards a corner with no water and you’ll fall underwater.
  • And after doing all this you’ll be able to walk and explore underwater. However, you can only use this glitch with certain characters like Qiqi, Ganyu, Ayaka & Kaeya.

Note: After you are underwater avoid walking close to the surface or else you’ll be back on top of the water.

These are all the glitches that you can use to go underwater in Genshin Impact. While you’re here take a look at how to get underneath Sal Terrae Seal.