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Undead World Best Hero Tier List (2022)

Find the best hero characters in this Undead World tier list.

Looking for an Undead World tier list with all the top hero characters? Well, you need not look anymore, because we have got just the perfect list for you. Here, we will rank the best heroes in the game, right from tier S to C. Tier S will feature the best hero characters in Undead World, while tier C will feature the worst and least recommended characters. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Undead World Tier List – Best Hero (2022)


S Tier Heroes in Undead World


As we told you earlier, the S tier in this Undead World list features the best survival heroes from the game. These characters are high in abilities, and they possess great stats. You will find them extremely helpful during battles, making them the best and most recommended choice.

S Astra
S Conor
S Helen
S Gabriel

A Tier


The A tier in this list features characters that are quite above being just decent. These characters are great to use too, and they only miss out on the higher tier because of a few drawbacks. With that being said, you will definitely enjoy using these characters.

A Murray
A Tanya
A Nadeem
A Britney
A Leigh
A Meredith

B Tier


The B-tier characters in Undead World can be said to be somewhere in the middle of this tier list. These characters are neither very good, nor are they very bad. They offer decent stats and abilities. You will obviously find a few drawbacks when you compare these characters to those in the higher tiers.

B Henry
B Tyler
B Kieran
B Rock
B Sam

C Tier

The C tier in this Undead World Hero Survival list features the worst characters in the game. These characters offer nothing much when it comes to abilities, and they also possess poor stats. This means there is not much to write home about when it comes to how helpful they are.

C Abigail
C Webster
C Lita
C Cady
C Jones
C Nils

So there you have it. This was our tier list of best heroes. As you can see, the characters in different ranks in this list will make it easier for you to choose the right hero the next time you play.

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