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How To Get The Undead Skull Ingredient In Wacky Wizards [Zombie Update]

Here's how to get the Skull in Wacky Wizards to make Undead potions.

It’s spooky season in Roblox Wacky Wizards and now there’s a zombie update in the game! Pretty exciting. If you are wondering how to get the Skull in the game, here’s how to do it. It’s a nicely designed Undead skull ingredient with creepy eyes staring at you from the eye sockets.

How to Get Undead Skull Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Find the Graveyard

how to kill zombies wacky wizards roblox

When you launch the ‘zombie update’ version of the game, you will notice the addition of the graveyard. There will be some gravestones as well as lit up pumpkins in that area. That’s where you have to go.

Various Zombies will Spawn

Make sure to kill these zombies who will chase you around and lower your health. Their health level is pretty good so if you aren’t equipped with a good weapon, you can die.

Kill Zombies

How to Kill zombies in Wacky Wizards? You need something you can fight them with – you can use a gun or even boxing gloves. I used the Flamethrower which requires a Gun + Chili. Put these items in the cauldron and drink the potion that spawns. You will get the flamethrower instantly. Remember to run away from them if multiple zombies spawn near you because if they get you, have to do this process all over again.

Players can also try other Gun potions listed here and see which weapon gives the best damage.

Get the Undead Skull

Now here’s the thing. Getting the skull ingredient is random. These zombies do drop candy very often so you don’t go empty-handed. But players are reporting that some got the skull pretty early while some haven’t even after killing 200 zombies. So, keep an eye on the drops and once you get it, don’t forget to add it to your table to unlock it for future potions. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it even after playing for some time. Take a break and try again because even though the drop rate is low, it’s achievable.

What are the Skull Potions in Wacky Wizards Zombie Update?

Go ahead and get all the ingredients needed to make Skull potions in this game with the help of this list.

  • Skeleton-spine potion – Grow a skeleton spine! – Undead
  • RIP potion – Placed in a grave – Undead + Rotten Sandwich
  • Mr-Explosion potion – Become an exploding zombie! – Undead + Dynamite
  • Skeleton wings potion – Grow Skeleton Wings! – Undead + Bird
  • Skull-legs potion – Grow skeleton legs! – Undead + Giraffe Hoof
  • Demon-girl potion – Run around possessed – Undead + Spider
  • Bone-bow potion – Get a bone bow – Undead + Gun
  • Fire-spine potion – Get a pet pumpkin – Undead + Chilli
  • Zom-bee potion – Become a ZOM-BEE – Undead + Honey
  • Skeleton arms potion – Get skeleton arms! – Undead + Fairy
  • Frankenstein potion – Become Frankenstein! – Undead + You
  • Giant-cyclops potion – Become a cyclops! – Undead + Giant’s Ear
  • Bone-gloves potion – Bone gloves! – Undead + Boxing Gloves
  • Skull potion – Grow a skeleton head! – Undead + Brain
  • Zombie-fish potion – Become a Zombie Fish! – Undead + Fish

That’s all about the Undead skull ingredient in Wacky Wizards. If you need help with more potions, ingredients, tips and tricks in this game, check out our guides on Gamer Tweak!