Undawn Redemption Codes (September 2023)

Here are all the codes that you can redeem in Undawn.

If you are searching for Undawn redeem codes then this guide will give you all the CD Key codes that are available for redemption. These are handy to give you things like free silver coins, weapon accessories, and more. And these items can help you improve your open-world survival experience. So here are all the codes and their redemption process.

Undawn Codes (September 2023)

Undawn Codes

These codes are usually time sensitive so make sure you use them quickly. While there is no fixed time but they can expire in 2-3 days.

Working Codes

  • UndawnLAUNCH – Redeem this code to get 2k silver, 5 silicone carbide particles 
  • UndawnBEST – Redeem this code to get 2k silver, 150 bullet casings 
  • UndawnGIFT – Redeem this code to get 1k wood, 500 stone, 50 plant fibers.
  • UndawnVIP – Redeem this code to get 300 tactical gear and 5 alloy reinforcement coatings.
  • undawnpreregister: Redeem this code to get Scarlet R700 finish.
  • undawn888: Redeem this code to get Antibody x5, Simple Bandage x10, and Can x5.
  • undawn0615: Redeem this code to get a Cargo Dream set
  • undawnpreregister: Redeem this code to get a Scarlet R700 finish.

You can also get Twitch drops like Twitch Outfit, Backpack, Silver Coins, and Enhancement Material. Simply link your in-game account to your Twitch account. Then watch the streams that have drops enabled for the required time to get these rewards.

Expired Codes

These are all the codes that you can no longer use in Undawn.

  • Currently, there are no invalid codes.

How to Redeem Undawn Codes

Redeem Undawn Codes

Make sure you play the game and level up to at least level 10. Only reaching it will unlock the Perks option for you.

  1. Open Undawn on your phone or PC.
  2. Tap on the Perks button on the top right corner of the screen. It has a gift icon.
  3. Next, tap on the Redemption Center option on the left.
  4. Copy and paste the above CDKey codes on the textbox that says “Please enter your Redemption code”.
  5. Tap on the white Redeem button below it.

How to Redeem Creator Codes

If you have a favorite creator that you wish to support, you can also use their codes for it.

  1. Open Undawn and tap on Perks on the main screen.
  2. Next, tap on the Creator Code option on the left.
  3. Enter any creator that you want to join in the textbox here.
  4. Tap on the yellow Confirm button.

How to Get More Undawn Codes

The best place to look for new codes is by checking the developer’s Twitter account @UndawnGame. Here you should also find things like the upcoming features for the game or if the servers are under maintenance. You can also join their Discord server to check for new codes or to interact with the community. And lastly, don’t forget to bookmark this page of Gamer Tweak. We update such guides with their latest codes quite frequently.

That’s it for the CD Key codes for Undawn. If you play other similar Mobile games then you should head over to our Codes section. Here you should find more gift codes for such games.