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Fortnite Chapter 4 Unable To Login To Servers Fix

Trying to play Fortnite Chapter 4 but got the "Unable to login to Fortnite server" error? This guide will help you with the fix.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is out with many things for you to do and some new mechanics. But all of that is for naught when you aren’t even able to log in to the game. And this is the issue that many players are facing due to too several players trying to log in at the same time. So in this guide check out how to fix unable to login to the Fortnite servers in Chapter 4.

How to Fix Unable to Login to Fortnite Servers in Chapter 4

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Before we get into the fixes it is important you check the game’s server status. At the time of writing this article, there were a lot of server issues due to many players trying to play Fortnite Chapter 4 at the same time. And the Fortnite developers have acknowledged it and are already working to fix the servers. So if the servers appear to be fine and you are still facing connection issues then you can try some of these fixes given below.

  • Restart the game: This is a fix that is very simple yet effective and you can do it no matter if you play on PC, console, or mobile. Just close the game completely, wait for a while and try running the game again to see if you are able to log in.
  • Test your connection: Since Fortnite is an online game having a stable connection to play it is important. You can check your connection by doing a speed test or playing some other online game.
  • Refresh your connection: Your internet working doesn’t translate to it working properly. A lot of times due to overuse it might slow down, but fixing it is easy. For a wireless connection, reboot your router. And if you play via a wired connection then try plugging out the Ethernet cable and plugging it in after waiting for a while.
  • Use a wired connection: Wired connections provide a bit more stability when compared to wireless connections. So if you play wirelessly then try switching to a wired connection to see if it helps.
  • Try enabling/disabling a VPN: VPNs play a very interesting role when playing online games. If you use a VPN then try disabling it as it might be interfering and causing server issues. But if you don’t use a VPN then try using one.
  • Verify game files: Sometimes if the game files get corrupt you might get such issues. To verify the game files on Epic, go to your Library. Click on the settings icon for Fortnite, and choose to verify game files. Once the files are verified, it will fix any corrupted files, and you should be able to play normally again.
  • Reinstall the game: This is the last fix on this list as Fortnite is quite big in size. But if you have good internet and none of the above fixes work then you can try reinstalling the game.

If none of the above fixes work then you should wait till the game releases an update. The update should fix the problem and you should be able to login in no time.

That covers this guide on how to fix unable to login to Fortnite Servers in Chapter 4. If you like playing this game then be sure to check out other guides on how to slide and how to play Split Screen in Fortnite.