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How To Duplicate Heroes In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Glitch

Glitch to replicate same hero four times to build a team

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 brings a massive roaster of 33 Heroes to play with. You can build a party of four top Heroes and play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 campaign. There are no official in-game settings provided to add one single hero four times in a team. Every slot is reserved for a unique hero, but thanks to a Reddit users ShinobiSekiro who find the simple glitch in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Breaking the boundaries of regular gameplay, this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Glitch will allow playing with four Spider-Man side by side. Want to know how to use this Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Man glitch then keep reading.

How To Duplicate or Replicate Heroes In Ultimate Alliance 3


The best thing about Ultimate Alliance 3 Character Duplicate glitch is it does not require you to install any third party files or software. 

  • Pick one Solo Mission, and you will see four different slots. For example in the first solo mission of the campaign, you will play as Spider-Man.
  • The game will automatically add a single Spider-Man in one of the four slots, and now you have choices to pick three more heroes from the roaster.
  • Start the mission with some different heroes and you have to either finish it or fail it.
  • After returning back you will see Spider-Man is still in the first slot. Go in select Party Menu and move the Spider-Man to second, third or fourth position.
  • Now enter the solo mission once again and the game will insert one more Spider-Man.
  • Continue this step to duplicate four Spider-Mans in your team and enjoy a completely new way of playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

You can repeat this process with different heroes and enjoy duplicate heroes in Ultimate Alliance 3. Have fun playing with the same character. If you want to see how the glitch works you can watch the video by IGN below.


When you play with duplicate characters each character earns experience, technically your speed to gain experience increases 4x compared to playing with one single character.