Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension Mod Guide (2024)

Learn how to install & use the UI Cheats Extension Mod in Sims 4 from this guide.

Sims 4 is a simulation game that allows the players to play out different scenarios at any number of times. Like with any game, cheats help out in clearing certain complications that can stop our progress in-game. This is true for Sims 4 and the game even has full Mods and Cheats support. Sometimes, applying a command to use a cheat can be daunting. Like say, we have to test if certain cheats are working or not. If done manually, we would have to type something on the lines of testingcheat true. Is there a way to simplify the process? Well, that’s where the UI Cheats Extension Mod comes into the picture. In today’s guide, I will show you how to Install & Use the UI Cheats Extension Mod in Sims 4.

How to Get & Use the UI Cheats Extension Mod in Sims 4

ui cheats extension mod in sims 4

The UI Cheats Extension Mod simplifies all of the Mods installed in Sims 4 into a UI page. This makes it easier for the player to change whatever they want on the cheats they have through the UI Cheats Extension Mod. You don’t have to manually input commands, just simply Right-click with your mouse over the icon of the thing you want to alter and enter some values. This bypasses any need to type in the commands which in turn speeds up your gameplay. You can Download the Mod from Weerbesu’s Patreon. Don’t worry, it is not behind a Paywall. Just scroll to the bottom and you will find a link to a Zip file, click and download.

From that Zip File, extract it to a folder where you can find them easily for later use. Now locate your Sims 4 Game Files. They should be at the file location like This PC -> Documents -> Electronic Arts -> Sims 4 -> Mods. Now take the files from the UI Cheats Extension Mod that you had just extracted and paste them into the Mods Folder. Once that is done, start up your game. Before you can use the UI Cheats Extension Mod in Sims 4, you will have to enable the game to use Custom Content. you can read up on our guide to know more about it.

Once that is done, just right-click on any icon and you will be able to change it with ease. This was all about the UI Cheats Extension Mod in Sims 4. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can check our other guides like UI Cheats Extension Not Working Fix in Sims 4.