Elden Ring Twitch Rivals (PvEvP): Schedule, Rules, & More

Wondering about the latest Twitch Rivals event? Here's everything to know about the Elden Ring Twitch Rivals event.

Ever since its launch, Elden Ring has won the most awards including the Game of the Year 2022 award. Quite surprisingly, this iconic Fromsoftware game is about to hit its first anniversary as of 25th February. What’s more exciting is that Twitch Rivals has announced its event to be centered around this game. For those that don’t know, Twitch Rivals is an online competitive esports tournament featuring different Twitch streamers and pro players. Speaking of this event, it’s going to be a PvEvP tournament with several popular Twitch streamers and players. But a majority of the audience is confused about its schedule, participating players, and if they can stream it. Not to worry, here’s everything to know about the Elden Ring Twitch Rivals event.

Elden Ring Twitch Rivals – When & How to Watch

The Elden Ring Twitch Rivals Event is live and started on February 21, 2023, at 4 PM/PT, 12 AM/GMT, and 7 PM/ET. It will be live on Twitch until February 23, 2023. You can head over to their official Twitch Rivals channel to catch the live event. Furthermore, the participating Twitch streamers will also be streaming the event on their respective accounts or channels.

twitch rivals elden ring event
Image Source – Oroboro on YouTube

So, you can also watch the entire stream event on their channels directly to support them. As mentioned earlier, several popular Twitch Streamers participated in the event. This includes streamers like xQc, Maximum, Luality, Mendo, and more.

What are the Brackets & Event Format

In total, there are 48 participants divided into 16 individual teams according to the Twitch Rivals event info. The event will take place over three days with a limited time to earn achievements and make the best PvP builds. Every team will consist of one veteran player and two content creators. The Veteran player will act as a Mentor or Captain to the two content creator players that are the Protegees.

Likewise, each day will be divided into two stages which are the PvE and PvP game modes. During the PvE stage, players will be given enough time to earn achievements to make their PvP builds. Quite obviously, the PvP mode will take place in the Colosseum location with the overpowered builds. But before they begin with PvP, players will also have to unlock the Colosseum, or else will receive a DNF.

As the players will start with the PvE Achievement stage, players have to create their builds within a limited time. These are as follows:

  • Day One: 1 hour and 30 Minutes
  • Day Two: 2 Hours

Speaking of the PvP stage, the different teams will receive different elimination brackets. For Day One of the PvP modes, it will be a 1v1 with the mentors or veteran players only. Similarly, for the Day Two PvP stage, it will be 2v2 with Content creators or Protegees only. Finally, for Day Three of PvP mode, it will be a 3v3 main event featuring all the participants in the teams.

Note that the levels are capped according to each day in PvP. Day 1 will be capped at a maximum of level 50. Day 2 is capped at level 100. And lastly, day three is capped at a maximum of level 125. If you are wondering more about the different brackets, the team with the most points will face the team with the lowest team. For example, 1st vs 8th team. 3rd vs 6th team, and so on.

What are the Prizes

The participants will also receive different prizes according to the points earned in PvE and PvP modes. So, here are all the places and rewards the participants can receive:

  • Pot Friend Trophy: 1st placeholder
  • Vyke Figurine: 2nd placeholder
  • Raging Wolf & Malenia Mini-Fig: 3rd Place Holder
  • Elden Ring Vinyl: 4th Place Holder

In addition to that, the winners will also receive several cash prizes depending on their places.

Who is Participating in Elden Ring Twitch Rivals

As mentioned earlier, we have compiled the full list of participants. We have also added the Twitch channel links of all of these popular Twitch streamers or content creators. So that you can watch their streams directly. Here are all the participants (veterans & protegees) with their respective teams:

Mentors (Captain) Protegee 1  Protegee 2
Distortion2 hazeblade 7rayd
lilaggy adef dr4gonblitz
lobosjr Morgausse dyrus
Techniq Luality itzcbd
Mendo xQc jessesmfi
DotoDoya Berrycrepe Kwitty23
Sneegsnag ginomachino margot
erobb221 knut nuclearpastatom
Nagzz21 squillakilla PotasticP
Loreena lolblanxz Puppery
Lily_Charles blueberrybrioche star0chris
vGumiho baycon_ stevesuptic
Lyric hodsic Tennp0
Larxa apollolol vaqrgaming
maximum Oroboro wraff
Grandpoobear zvch xwater

As it’s an ongoing event, you can also check out the current leaderboard on their official site.

That’s everything covered about the Elden Ring Twitch Rivals. If you liked this guide, check out more Elden Ring Guides and Video Gaming Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.