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Twitch Is Facing A Massive $2.9 Billion Lawsuit

Livestreaming platforms are a great way to build a community but not everyone has the best intentions and one such incident has gotten Twitch in a lawsuit against them which could be upwards of $2.9 Billion.

A Russian Internet company, Rambler has sued Twitch for 180 billion roubles, or $2.9 billion for illegal streams of the English Premier League, the claim states that Rambler’s exclusive broadcasting rights to the English Premier League were breached by Twitch.


They also stated that Twitch violated more than 36,000 times in over just a couple of months, Twitch stated that they are against such streams and they go against its terms and it is taking action against infringing streams.

Twitch is the third most popular website in Russia and if you check out Rambler’s lawsuit it is also trying to get Twitch banned from Russia which will surely dent Twitch’s user base incredibly.

This could very well change the viewership of Twitch as we know it and this lawsuit might be able to change what streamers can and cannot share in the future.


As of right now, there hasn’t been any progress with the lawsuit but we will keep you updated as to how things progress and if Twitch will be available in Russia in the future.

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