12 Minutes All Endings Explained

Here are all the endings for Twelve Minutes explained.

Twelve Minutes can be considered one of the best adventure games till now. The entire game is confined in a small apartment where the protagonist is stuck in a temporal time loop while either he, his wife, or both get murdered, and the loop repeats itself. With some clear tactics and puzzle-solving abilities, you can get to the bottom of the time loop and close it. But the ending is both mind-boggling & startling at the same time. So if you have are confused about the story’s climax, don’t worry, we will take you through all the possible endings in the game. So today, let’s get all the endings explained in our Twelve Minutes (12 minutes) guide.

Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

Spoilers Warning: The events of the game are taking in the protagonist’s mind. The story & events are all related to him coming to terms he suppressed in his mind. It is revealed that the protagonist knew that his wife is his half-sister, and he killed his father (the only other person who knew the truth) and married her. The events are the result of the cannon ending where he is trying to forget his past, including his half-sister who his in love with. The manifestation of this trauma is his Father, who took the role of the Cop in his mind.

12 Minutes Ending Explained

The real-life events in Twelve Minutes took place as follows:

  1. The father starts a relationship with the nanny named Dahlia.
  2. Dahlia bears a son, who is the Protagonist.
  3. The protagonist grows up far away from his father, his father’s wife & daughter.
  4. The daughter losses her mother, which she blames her father.
  5. Years later, the Protagonist starts to have feelings for his step-sister.
  6. The girl runs away from home on Christmas Eve after shooting her father.
  7. Father survives the wound.
  8. He comes to know that his son has feelings for his daughter.
  9. Father asks his son not to act upon his feelings and forget her, on New Year’s Eve.
  10. An argument breaks, and the protagonist ends up killing his father.
  11. After 2 days, the protagonist finds his half-sister and introduces himself as a different person, hiding his real self and father’s murder.
  12. They get married.
  13. The protagonist suppressed his past for the last 8 years.
  14. At some point in the last eight years, he saw the pocket watch, which he recognized as his father’s watch, But he again suppressed the memory to be with his wife.
  15. Finally, all his trauma is coming back to him in the form of events in the game.

Twelve Minutes All Endings

Twelve Minutes Ending

Twelve Minutes has 5 different endings, but the cannon ending is just one. Rest, all endings, pull you back into the loop. These endings are connected to different achievements in the game. These 12 Minutes ending achievements are:

Achievement Points Prerequisite
Continue 214 Choose to forget everything.
Alone 240 Choose to be alone.
Groundhog 255 Have a perfect day.
Confessed 281 Confess what you did and leave.
Mindfulness 4209 Choose to go back to reality.

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So according to these achievements, these are the 12 Minutes ending you can go for:

  • Listen to Father and leave your half-sister for good.
  • Talk to father about the trauma and get closure.
  • Let his father hypnotize him and forget everything.
  • Choose to be with his wife and cause the loop to restart.

During the multiple ending choices, the protagonist can either be with his wide or stay away from her. If he decides to go back to his wife, leading to the entire time loop restart. If the protagonist promises to not see her, he ends up being alone in his apartment with all traces of her erased. But even at this point in time, you can use the pocket watch to go back to the conversation with his father, where he can be hypnotized to forget everything that happened in the game. This will end the game for good, and you will reach the point where you can’t reverse back anymore.

That’s everything you need to know about the possible endings in Twelve Minutes. For more hidden secrets like this for all the latest popular games, make sure to check out our Video Games Guides.