Twelve Minutes Achievements Guide: How To Unlock All

Find the complete list of all achievements in Twelve Minutes in this article. Also, check out how you can complete them.

While playing Twelve Minutes, you may have come across the achievements that you will have to unlock. In order to unlock these achievements, you will need to complete certain objectives. In this article, we will show you these achievements and how you can unlock them. If you have not played 12 Minutes yet, we will need to warn you, because this article may have spoilers!

Twelve Minutes Achievements Guide

twelve minutes achievements

Listen – Achievement in Twelve Minutes

You will be able to unlock this achievement by standing and remaining stationary inside your apartment. You have to do this the very first time you enter the apartment. Once you enter the apartment, you can put down your controller when you notice a cutscene with a clock. Follow the instructions mentioned in the cutscene to complete the achievement.


All you will need to do to complete this achievement is water your bedroom plant. You will have to do this activity only once. To water the plant, you will first have to acquire a mug. Once you get it, fill it with water from the sink. Now, pour the water from the mug on the flowers.


If you want to complete this achievement, all you have to do is water the plants in each phase until they flower. You need to remember that you will need to get three different flowers to get this achievement.


You will have to inspect the painting placed in your bedroom to complete this achievement. While this might sound simple enough, you will need to do it during three phases. Those three phases are as follows:

  • Phase 1: A man and woman on a balcony.
  • Phase 2: The woman moves away from the man.
  • Phase 3: Man by himself.


This achievement is pretty similar to the Faun achievement. The only difference is, here you will need to inspect the painting that is located in your hall room. This painting will be placed right above your couch. Again, just like in Faun, you will need to complete this achievement in four different phases. These phases are as follows:

  • Phase 1: Spring (Season One)
  • Phase 2: Summer (Season Two)
  • Phase 3: Autumn (Season Three)
  • Phase 4: Winter (Season Four)


To complete this achievement, you will have to get into a confrontation with the cop. You will also need to keep some things in your hand for this achievement. Let’s take a look at what you need to do for this achievement.

  • First, you should get a mug.
  • Fill this mug with water from the sink.
  • Get some sleeping pills and add them to the water-filled mug.
  • Take this mug and give it to your wife.
  • Now, switch the light on in the bedroom and then switch it off.
  • Take a spoon and fake candle. You will find these items on the table in the bedroom.
  • Now, take the phone located inside the closet.
  • Take the spoon placed on the ventilation duct that you will find under the sink.
  • Now, use the candle that you had found earlier to get the pocket watch.
  • Get inside the closet and hide there.
  • Once the cop gets electrocuted, take his zip tie. Use this zip tie to tie the cop.
  • Tell the cop about your innocence and your willingness to co-operate with him.
  • Now, follow his instructions.

Groundhog – Achievement in Twelve Minutes

You will have to play through different loops in Twelve Minutes to get the information needed to complete this achievement. To do so, you will have to do the following things.

  • First, you need to prepare.
  • Then, meet your wife and do not rush into the greeting dialogue.
  • Take the phone from the closet and head into the bathroom.
  • Once you are in the bathroom, phone up Bumblebee and tell her what her father is doing.
  • Get back to your wife and tell her how you feel it is a good time to have some dessert.
  • Wait for her to set the table. Once she does so, sit with her at the table.
  • Open the gift on the table and choose only the positive responses.
  • Your wife will ask you to dance now. Accept her invitation.
  • Tell her you love her, after which you should take her to bed.


  • Just like in the Groundhog achievement, you will first have to prepare.
  • Now you will have to speak to your wife about her past. While doing so, you will have to confess to having killed her dad. You will tell your wife that you are ready to confess.
  • Once you do so, phone up Bumblebee and claim your wife’s innocence.
  • Now, get the pocket watch and wait for the cop to arrive.
  • When he comes, allow your wife to speak to the cop.
  • Tell the cop about the watch, and then allow the loop to play out.


  • The Alone achievement is directly tied to an ending. To get this achievement, you will need to do the following.
  • Just like the previous two achievements, you will have to prepare first.
  • Then, begin the loop by taking a spoon and getting into the bathroom as soon as your wife leaves it.
  • Once you get in, make sure to lock the bathroom door.
  • Take out the pocket watch and star at it. Doing so will take you to the father.
  • Say that you will leave your unborn child and wife.
  • Now, choose the “Maybe it’s better that we aren’t together” dialogue option.

Ouroboros – Achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement, you will need to inspect the Egg painting located in the right-side of the kitchen sink. Just like the other achievements, you will have to complete this achievement in three different phases.

  • Phase 1: The painting is a plain egg.
  • Phase 2: The shell is cracked on the top. Inside, you can see a snake’s eye.
  • Phase 3: The egg has been replaced by a snake eating its own tail.


To unlock this achievement, you will have to finish following Alone, after which you will need to reset the watch. You will have to do so to go through the final loop.

Before you do so, you will first have to make sure you have spoken to your wife to about the book she is reading while sitting on the couch. You will have to get her to read you a quote from this book.

Now you will need to reach the father. Once you do so, you will have to choose the book again. The book will be located right behind you.



These were all of the achievements in Twelve Minutes and how you can complete them. Some of these achievements will be tricky to complete, so make sure to pay careful attention to each of the steps mentioned in this article.

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