Civ 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug Fix

Here's a guide to help you fix the stuck tutorial bug in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

Stuck in the Civ 6 tutorial and looking for a fix? Although Civ VI is the best in the series in terms of its strategic enhancement and more proactiveness, the game has suffered a lot due to some major bugs which haven’t been addressed yet. One such bug experienced by gamers, especially those who are using the console to play this game, is the sudden holdback in the tutorial segment where the game just stuck. If you are experiencing the same problem, this guide will walk you through a few solutions you can try to bypass this bug.

Civilization 6 Tutorial Stuck Bug FixHow to fix Civ 6 tutorial stuck fix

Even after so many years of being released, the tutorial guide still seems to be broken to the point that it doesn’t allow players to proceed to complete the tutorial. Once the players are in the tutorial and about to build a Campus in the capital city, the game stops to recognize commands and control button. This can be a huge hurdle in the game since the player cannot complete the tutorial, and there isn’t any progress saving option for this. Hence, even if they restart the game, they have to go through a whole 2 hours of tutorial to get to this point again with no guarantee of further proceeding.

As of now, the reason behind this is still unknown; below are the methods you can try to possibly fix or bypass this bug in Civilization 6.

Fix 1

As one of the Reddit users Txinca reached the 2k support team, one assistance they provided that you can try was to avoid using the fortify command multi-turn automation in the Tutorial. Doing this, the game will let you continue with the tutorial, possibly bypassing the bug.

Fix 2

One of the reasons behind this tutorial stuck glitch in Civ 6 could be due to a corrupted local save file. One of the methods that can be done to fix this possibly is by deleting the local save file and resyncing the game with the cloud again.

For this, head to the location where the local game progress is saved, depending on your console, and delete the game’s save file. Furthermore, you need to restart your console and finally resync the saved game to the cloud. Well, you don’t have to do this manually since most of the consoles automatically store the saved games on the cloud.

Our recommendation to new players who want to try this strategic game is to avoid the tutorial while head-on with the game. Additionally, you can head into the settings options, to turn on the Advisor Settings as “New to Civilization” and click on Play Now. The Advisor option will teach almost all the required information just as the tutorial as you play the game.

That’s everything from our side on the Civilization 6 tutorial stuck bug fix. If you found this guide helpful, check out more on this game like the best leader to choose, or learn about the Wonders tier list in Civ 6 and more on Gamer Tweak.