Civ 6 Wonder Tier List: All Wonders Ranked

Want to know your Civ 6 Natural wonders better? Check out our Civilization 6 Wonder tier list for the best wonders ranked from best to worst.

Civilization 6 features various kinds of Natural Wonders that offer different potent bonuses to the players. While Civ 6 Wonders may take some time and effort to construct, they allow you to outmatch your opponents. But with an extensive range of Wonders, it can be confusing to choose the best picks. Don’t fret as we have compiled all the best wonders and placed them in the tiers ranging from S tier to D Tier. So, check out our Civ 6 Wonder tier list ranking all the Wonders from best to worst.

Civ 6 Wonder Tier List

civ 6 wonder tier list

Here is the Civilization 6 Wonders tier list ranking all the Natural Wonders from best to worst:

Tiers Wonders
S Tier Colosseum
S Tier Big Ben
S Tier Etemenanki
S Tier Forbidden City
S Tier Oracle
S Tier Kilwa Kisiwani
S Tier Pyramids
S Tier Ruhr Valley
S Tier Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
S Tier Oxford University
A Tier Big Ben
A Tier Chichen Itza
A Tier Cristo Redentor
A Tier Eiffel Tower
A Tier Estadio Do Maracana
A Tier Great Library
A Tier Jebel Barkal
A Tier Mahabodhi Temple
A Tier Mont St. Michel
A Tier Petra
A Tier St. Basil’s Cathedral
B Tier Orszaghaz
B Tier Alhambra
B Tier Amundsen-Scott Research Station
B Tier Angkor Wat
B Tier Casa de Contratacion
B Tier Great Zimbabwe
B Tier Hagia Sophia
B Tier Meenakshi Temple
B Tier Potala Palace
B Tier Taj Mahal
B Tier Terracotta Army
B Tier University of Sankore
B Tier Venetian Arsenal
C Tier Apadana
C Tier Biosphere
C Tier Bolshoi Theatre
C Tier Broadway
C Tier Colossus
C Tier Hanging Gardens
C Tier Hermitage
C Tier Huey Teocalli
C Tier Kotoku-In
C Tier Machu Pichu
C Tier Statue of Liberty
C Tier Statue of Zeus
C Tier Torre de Belem
D tier Sydney Opera House
D tier Stonehenge
D tier Panama Canal
D tier Great Lighthouse
D tier Great Lighthouse
D tier Great Bath
D tier Golden Gate Bridge

From the above Civ 6 tier list, it is pretty clear about the best Natural wonders in the game. All the Wonders placed in the S Tier net more bonuses for production from the Mines and Quarries. But if you could not construct the S-tier wonders due to the lack of resources, we recommend building the natural wonders from A Tier. The placed wonders in this list can reward you by producing more Culture which can be crucial for victories. Speaking of the Natural wonders placed in B tier, you can build them for early and mid-game. The Orszaghaz for example produces the double culture that can help you get a Cultural win.

Lastly, the Natural Wonders placed in the C and D Tiers can be used for situational advantage. For example, the Machu Pichu can reward you with Gold Bonus for the Mountain tiles. But since the Mountain tiles can cover several dozen tiles, not many people use them. The Wonders placed in the D tier particularly offer the lowest bonuses for any kind of Victory. So, we recommend players avoid building them.

In the end, it all depends on the production bonuses and rewards you are eying for. So, we suggest players experiment and construct their preferable Wonders by analyzing that bit. But it’s also worth noting that once you placed the Natural wonders, you can neither cancel nor remove them. 

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You can check out the below video for a visual representation of every Natural Wonder:

That’s everything covered about the Civ 6 Wonder tier list. If this helped you out, check out our more Tier Lists, Mobile, & Video Gaming Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.