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How To Get Through Mist & Clear It In Genshin Impact | Perch Puzzle Guide

Tsurumi Island is here but you cannot travel much without clearing the fog first. This guide will help you get through the mist.

Genshin Impact 2.2 update has brought along the Tsurumi Island. But before you go around exploring the whole thing there is some air that needs to be cleared. Or rather in this case it’s time to clear the fog. So in this guide let us take a look at how to get through and clear the mist in Genshin Impact. Also, learn how to solve all the perch puzzles.

How to Get through the Mist or Fog On Tsurumi Island Genshin Impact


how to get through mist in genshin impact tsurumi island

To clear the mist you have to complete the A Particularly Particular Author quest. Start by talking to these 3 NPCs Katheryne, Sumida, and Kama. Once you do this you can go to Tsurumi Island. Progress ahead and talk to the kid Ruu and his family. They will give you the task to touch the Perch tree, which will release 3 purple-colored feathers.

This is the type of quest you have to complete four times. That is you will have to find the perch trees and the feathers in the following regions.


  • Moshiri Ceremonial Site
  • Autake Shrine
  • Chirai Shrine
  • Shirikoro Peak

Once you find all the feathers simply bring them back to the perch tree. When you complete all the Perch puzzles in these regions the mist gets cleared on Tsurumi Island. So let us take a look at how to clear the Perch puzzle in each region.

Moshiri Ceremonial Site


clear mist genshin impact
Image Credit: Mapgenie

The first puzzle is the easiest as you don’t have to solve any puzzles and the feathers are also close by.

  1. The first feather is close to the NPC.
  2. You can find the second feather on the right side after leaving the perch.
  3. This feather lies on top of a huge rock which can be found on the south side of the map.


Autake Shrine

get through mist genshin impact
Image Credit: Mapgenie

For the next three regions, you can clear the mist in any order. In this guide, we’ll start with Autake Shrine.

  1. The first feather indicator marks it near the perch tree but instead, it can be found on a bit lower ground. You can find it if you proceed lower and in the northwest direction.
  2. For the second feather go to the east side of the map. It can be found on the ground but when you approach it, it will float away. Defeat the Hilichurls and enter the Thunder barrier with the help of Electogranum. Eliminate the Rifthounds and get the feather.
  3. The third feather is easy to spot but hard to get as it too requires the elimination of some foes. You can find it on top of the Hilichurl’s hut.

Chirai Shrine

get through fog genshin impact
Image Credit: Mapgenie
  1. The first feather can be spotted between the stone ruins. Simply go to the area shown on the map and jump down to get the feather.
  2. You can find the second feather on the cliff west from the location of the Perch. This feather will float away as you approach it. Defeat the electro enemies and get the feather.
  3. The third feather is quite easy to get as it is simply laying there on the ground.

Shirikoro Peak – Get Through Mist Genshin Impact

shirikoro peak
Image Credit: Mapgenie

This is a tedious region as here you not only have to eliminate foes, but also solve some puzzles.

  1. Before you get the first feather you will need to resolve Seelie’s issue. There are three of them one on top of a tree branch, one is near the water, and one is floating at the cave’s entrance. Bring them back to the tree and you can see the water get drained. Glide down and you can find the three feathers in the northeast direction. Grab the first feather and watch the other two float away.
  2. The second feather requires you to follow it down the tunnel. Here you will have to solve the Relay Stone puzzle. Once you solve this puzzle the door will open. Eliminate the guard and get your feather.
  3. The last feather too just like the second feather is difficult to get. To begin with it you need to collect the Seelies. One can be found north behind a wall that you can destroy, the next is on a stone pillar, and the last is can be found in the southwest direction. When you do this, all that is left to do is solve the Relay Stone puzzle and get the last feather.

That sums up this guide on how to get through and clear the mist in Genshin Impact. If you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guide on how to check the server status of Genshin Impact.