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Soul Hackers 2 Ending Guide: How To Get True Ending

Check out our guide that explains how to get the True ending in Soul Hackers 2.

Soul Hackers 2 is a successor to the title and the fifth installment of the Devil Summoner series. It is a turn-based narrative RPG that is played out by the decisions made by Ringo. Unlike other RPGs, this game simply features two endings at its conclusion. Several players are confused about which end can get them to the true or best ending that is canon to the plot. We have tried to keep this article as spoiler-free as possible. So, here’s our guide on how to get a true ending in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Get the True Ending in Soul Hackers 2

As you reach the ending for Soul Hackers 2, Ringo has to decide between two outcomes. These two choices that you have to make will be after defeating the boss at 24th Ward Municipal Tower in Bone Area. Ringo has to decide between the choices made by the players. If she answers with “I do“, you will get a Bad ending. But upon selecting the “I don’t” decision, you can get a Good or True ending.

Let’s look at both of these endings in more detail:

True or Good Ending

You will be handed the Moonlight keys on selecting the “I don’t” option for the next four interactions. This can result in a boss fight that can be much more challenging than the other ending. But on the brighter side, you will get a much more hopeful ending. After you have defeated the boss, Ringo has to pick another decision between “Reach out to her” or “Let her go“. Upon selecting the first option, you will get an extended cutscene that ends with a wholesome and hopeful conclusion.

soul hackers 2 how to get true ending

Normal or Bad Ending

On the flip side of the plot, choosing “I do” for the next four interactions will reward you with Sunlight keys. Similar to the true ending, you will have to pick between the two decisions: “Let her go” and “Reach out to her“. As you choose the first one, you will get a Bad ending. It will trigger an extended cutscene with a darker ending compared to the true ending. But it does have a bittersweet end to it. Although it is not much clear which ending would be canon, the devs at Atlus might connect these dots in the upcoming expansions or DLCs.

soul hackers 2 true ending

If you are looking to complete your trophy collection, you need to go through both of these endings. As you can start an NG+ by saving your data, you can complete the other ending. You will get the Paradise Lost achievement for completing the game with a good or true Ending. On the other hand, you can receive Beyond the Infinite for completing the game with a Bad ending.

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