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How To Fix Trouble Fetching Information For Player In League Of Legends? (Error 5C)

Read this guide to learn how to fix Error 5C in League of Legends.

Players in League of Legends are coming across an error message that says “Trouble Fetching Information for this Player (Error: 5C). This issue causes players to not be allowed to queue for both, normal as well as ranked games without any specific reason. If you too are one of those who have come across this error and are looking for solutions, you need not look any further. In this guide, we will show you the possible permanent fixes for this issue.

How to Fix Trouble Fetching Information for Player in League Of Legends? (Error 5C)



Check your Internet to Fix Trouble Fetching Information in League of Legends

One of the main causes of this error is a poorly-working internet connection. The first step you can take to rectify the trouble fetching information (Error: 5C) issue is to check your internet connection. If your internet is not working well, you should try to switch networks and see if the error gets rectified. If it does not, you might need to check the other potential solutions in this guide.


Log in with another account

You can also try to log in with an alternate League of Legends account. Once you do so, try to see if the Error Code 5C persists. If it does not, it could mean there may have been a potential issue with your account. If the error still persists, keep reading this guide for other solutions.

Check for Updates


Another possible cause of such issues could be an outdated version of the game. Developers usually release periodical updates that rectify bugs and errors in games. Before you head into any other solutions, we recommend you look for any updates. If you do find updates, install them and then relaunch the game. If the error persists, you might need to keep reading this guide for other solutions. Additionally, we recommend you take a look at the official League of Legends Twitter page for any news.

Re-Install the Game

The next best solution is to simply uninstall the game and then re-install it. Once you do so, make sure to launch the game and check if the issue persists. Doing so should possibly help solve the error.


These are all of the possible solutions to the trouble fetching information (Error: 5C) issue in League of Legends. Since this is most likely an internet-related issue, you can expect to fix it quite quickly. Now that you know how to fix this error, check out our guide on how to check League of Legends Server Status.