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Trek To Yomi: How To Defeat Kagerou (Final Boss Fight Tips)

Check out our guide for some tips on how to defeat the final boss Kagerou in Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi is all about Samurai-slashing action as it explores the storyline of Hiroki. The entire gameplay, mechanics, and aesthetics of this game are like a tribute to Akira Kurosawa. If you have watched any of his flicks, you may know that the antagonists are straight-up wicked. Similar to the movies, the game features Kagerou which killed the sensei and village of Hiroki. Sounds demonic enough? He can also take the form of a Demon during the final boss fight. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to defeat the final boss Kagerou in Trek to Yomi.

How to Defeat Kagerou in Trek to Yomi


While you have encountered and dueled Kagerou in earlier chapters, with his demonic form the final fight can be much more challenging. You need to be cautious to not give any openings and take much damage.

There are two phases to this boss fight. While the first one can be an easier fight, he will pull some magic tricks with his demon form during the second phase. So, here are some tips to defeat the final boss Kagerou:

Trek to Yomi Kagerou Phase 1


For the first phase, be cautious of his combos and slashing attacks. You can parry and switch to the defense until you see an opening. As you see an opening, switch back to offense and attack him with combos.

defeat kagerou trek to yomi
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While you can also use ranged weapons for damage, he will mock you for not having honor (If you follow Bushido, don’t!). We suggest countering his attacks and observing his combos before you attack him.


Kagerou Phase 2

When he turns into a demon, there’s a time frame where he takes a stance. You can use slash attacks during that period. With his demon form, you might also need to pull up some ranged weapons. It’s not a fair fight as he can teleport, throw fireballs, and light the ground to fire. So, you need to counterattack patiently until the fire subsides.


defeat kagerou trek to yomi
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Once his health bar is depleted, Kagerou will summon help and bring more Samurais into the duel. The summoned help is pretty easy to strike down. Avoid getting close to them and use ranged weapons to defeat them. This will give you some time to heal and restore your health. After you have defeated the summoned help, you can defeat him with ease.

Although you can beat him early during Chapter three to unlock a secret ending, it will be extremely challenging. As you progress through different chapters, you will be equipped with stronger weapons and buffs to face him. It’s simply the right time for a pay-back and you need to deliver it, fellow Samurai warrior.

As you defeat Kagerou, you will trigger the ending and the path depending on the choices at the end of chapter six. Check out our guide on which path to select to unlock different endings.

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