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Trek To Yomi Ending Guide: Which Path To Select

Fellow Samurais and Shoguns! Check out our guide on which path to select to unlock different endings in Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi is finally out with katana-slashing and jaw-dropping graphics. If you are a big Akira Kurosawa buff like me, you will relish every single moment of this game. It is an action game that revolves around Japan during the Edo period. Its mechanics and aesthetics look promising with an extensive storyline that depends on the path you choose. While the game isn’t long, it allows players to change their endings. So, here’s our guide on which path to select to unlock different endings in Trek to Yomi.

Which Path to Select to Unlock Endings in Trek to Yomi?


  • Four endings can be unlocked as you select paths through the storyline. While three of the endings are interconnected, the fourth one is a secret ending.
  • Not to spoil the lore, the only choice that can unlock these three endings is during Chapter six.
  • Your ending unlocks upon the path you select out of three choices. These choices are as follows:
    • Love
    • Duty
    • Reject Gifts

select path endings trek to yomi

  • Upon choosing Love, you will unlock the Path of Love ending. As you complete this ending, you unlock the “Follow your heart” achievement.
  • If you choose Duty, you unlock the Path of Duty ending. When you complete this ending, you will unlock the “Follow your mind” achievement.
  • The last one can be considered as the bad ending that entails the Path of Glory. As you complete this ending, you get the “Follow your blade” achievement.
  • For the secret fourth ending, you need to defeat the Shogun Kagerou at the end of the third chapter.
  • This battle can be extremely challenging as players are destined to lose this boss fight.
  • But if you manage to save the checkpoints closer, you might defeat the boss. You will get an “Early End” achievement for finishing the game almost halfway.


You can replay and try out all the four endings to figure out how it works for you. We suggest rather than replaying the entire game, you can save a checkpoint before choosing a path at the end of Chapter six.

Alternatively, who’s stopping you if you wish to replay this samurai genius game? Katajikenai!

That’s everything on which path to select to unlock different endings in Trek to Yomi. If you liked this guide, check out our other Video Gaming Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.