Best Ways To Get Treasure Hideout Keys In Pet Simulator 99

Wondering what Treasure Hideout Key does and where you can use it in Pet Simulator 99? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Pet Simulator 99 is full of mysterious locked doors, and from the entrance of Trading Plaza to the rewarding minigame there are various things you can find inside those. One such door is unlocked with an Exotic Treasure Hideout Keys, but only for a limited time. Once you have exhausted these keys, you will be looking for more, and that is when you can use the methods we have listed below.

How to Get Treasure Hideout Keys in Pet Simulator 99

Get Treasure Hideout Keys in Pet Simulator 99
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There are mainly two ways to acquire Treasure Hideout Keys in PS99: final area drop and trading:

  • Final Area: Like Secret and other keys, here you will find it in two pieces, upper and lower. It is completely random which you will get first, and its drop rate is also low, so to boost your chances it is best to make use of items like Luck Potions and Buffs. These boost items increase your pets speed, tap speed, pets damage rate, give you better drops, and much more. If you are not sure about which item offers what, then go into your Inventory and place your cursor on it, you will see its details.
  • Trading: As you might already be aware, in PS99 trading is done in two ways, through the Trade option and from the Trading Plaza booth. For Treasure Hideout Keys, it is best to visit the plaza and check booths. Since it is an Exotic item, you will occasionally come across players who are selling it.

What Are Treasure Hideout Keys in Pet Sim 99?

Treasure Hideout Key is used to unlock Area 159 (Mothership Circuit Board) minigame, Treasure Hideout. Once unlocked the game will stay active for 30 minutes. After that, you will have to wait for six hours and obtain another key to use it again.

What is Treasure Hideout Minigame?

In this minigame, you have to destroy the breakables to fill the boosted drop rate bar and keep repeating till the time runs out. While breaking, you will find a bunch of Enchants, Potions, Consumables, Keys, and Buffs, and by reaching the Break Goal multiple times, you might even get a Pet, including the Huge Electric Cat. Furthermore, just like the area breakables, you can use your pets and boost items to increase your speed, damage, and luck, so use them and get the best drops.

How to Use Treasure Hideout Keys in PS99

You can use this key like any other key by approaching the door and interacting with it. However, you will have to confirm with Yes to use it. As we have said above, it will stay active for half an hour, after which you will again see the lock and the cooldown period outside the gate. When that happens use the listed methods and collect those once again.

That is all you need to know and do to use Treasure Hideout Keys in Pet Simulator 99. For more topics from this game, you should check out our PS99 section. There we have covered topics like Castle Key and Crystal Keys.