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How To Travel Between Continents In Lost Ark

Use the Ocean Liner to fast travel across continents in Lost Ark easily.

While we know how to teleport using Triports, it only lets you fast travel from one point to another on the same landmass. But the map of this game is massive. How do you travel between continents in Lost Ark? This guide will show you the way.


How to Travel from One Continent to Another in Lost Ark

To fast travel between continents quickly, you need to use the port that every continent has. From there, take a Ferry to the port of the other continent by paying a fee and voilà, you’ll reach your destination soon.

Note that the fee for the Ferry will depend on how far you wish to go. Also, the boat leaves every 2 minutes so players don’t have to wait too long if they miss one.


How to Use the Ocean Liner in Lost Ark

  • Talk to the Legendary Adventurer located in Vern Castle. Check the bottom right section of the map to find him.
  • He will tell you how the Ocean Liner is fast and convenient. Click on “I’d like to know how to use it.”

ocean liner quest lost ark


  • Accept the quest which has 12,000 Silver as the reward.
  • Basically, the Ocean Liner will allow you to travel to a port you have visited before immediately. If it’s a port you have used before, you can use it through the Ocean Liner Agent, Riff.
  • Keep in mind that some ports require certain conditions. For example, there are the Rohendel and South Vern ports and you can go to them only after completing the quests that are connected to their unlocking process. Moreover, players can travel to special islands when an event is held. And there are also continents which aren’t connected according to the port’s location. These are a few things you should know before embarking on the journey.
  • Whenever you want to get off the Ocean Liner, you can do it via Riff. But remember that the Silver that you have already paid to get on it will not be refunded.
  • Find and talk to Riff in North Vern’s Port Krona.
  • Now choose a continent from the window that appears and click on Board to get aboard the Ocean Liner.

how to use ports ocean liner

  • You will see a timer that shows the time left until setting sail. Wait for a bit and you will have successfully travelled between continents in Lost Ark.


This is how to travel between continents in Lost Ark. Speaking of traveling, don’t miss out on how to use the Bifrost to teleport as well.