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How to Track Enemies In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

You can track down and mark enemies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, for this you will have to unlock a perk. The ability to mark down a enemy is not available by default, and by having this perk you can save a ton of your time. By marking down enemies you can easily track and kill them one by one. Fast and easy, there are two perks you can use one to track enemies and second to get locations of enemies equipment, field upgrade packages and killstreaks. The good thing about the perk is that you can also help your allies with it, so lets begin with guide how to mark enemies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

How to mark enemies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare


From the Lobby go to Weapons Section and click on edit Loadouts. It will unlock a separate menu to choose Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Perks and Explosives. Go to perk section and there are additional three slots, for Perk 1, Perk 2 & Perk 3.

Go to the Perk 3 section AMPED and check the last two slots, Spotter and Tracker. Spotter will help you to find enemy equipment’s, field upgrades and killstreaks i.e Munition boxes. You can track down all the items through walls and also mark it for your friends. Tracker can help you to track down enemies.

The Amped slot will allow you to use only one perk at a time, but you can create upto five custom loadsouts with different weapons, perks and killstreaks. In this way you can instantly shift to a new loadouts to choose the right perk for your requirement.