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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Loadouts, Perks & Unlock Specialist Mode

Learn how to manage arsenal

Managing your Load-outs define how strong player you are in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It can be a little tricky to understand at the start if you are new to the game. In this COD Modern Warfare guide you can learn tips and tricks on how to manage your load-outs, its various options, info on perks and more. Managing load-outs in Modern Warfare is simple, because things are pretty simple here. You can access your loadouts anytime from the lobby.

How to Edit Loadouts in Modern Warfare


From Lobby press R1 if you are playing on PS4 to choose Weapons Menu. The first option below is Loadouts. Select Edit Loadouts and here you can create a class to configure your custom combinations of Weapons, Equipment’s, Perks, Kill-streaks and Field Upgrades.

COD Modern Warfare Custom Loadouts Tips

You can create five different Custom Loadouts in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. You can manage the following items in your Loadouts.


  1. Primary Weapon
  2. Secondary Weapon
  3. Perks
  4. Explosives

Call of Duty Modern Warfare allows you to create five combinations of battle-ready loadouts, you can switch them and enter into the matches. Different loadouts will help you in different type of gameplay. There is an little effort required to focus on the perks section. There are limited perks available during the Multipalyer match but it can hep you to survive in tough matches.

Through the same loadout option you can access weapons gunsmiths to modify weapons and make it stronger in the game. To learn more about weapons read our guide how to  upgrade Weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.


What are Perks & how they work in Modern Warfare?

Perks are a bit of additional boost, they are the passive bonus that will give you better strength and reduce weakness. You can also unlock Specialist for a loadout that is unlocked at Level 29. When you unlock Specialist you will earn perks instead of killstreaks. This is an additional option allowing you to unlock more unique perks in COD Modern Warfare.

There are three types of perks Double Time, Hardline and Amped. All of them work differently and offer passive bonus to reveal enemies equipment, boost kills, add strength and more. Checkout the Amped section where you will find spotter to reveal enemy location, increase weapon swap speed, etc.


  • Perks like Double Time give you 30% boost in duration of Tactical Sprint and Crouch movement.
  • Perks like EOD allows you to hack into enemies Claymores mines, Proximity Mines, C4 & Trophy systems. It also reduce damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.
  • Perks like Overkill allows you to carry two Primary Weapons.
  • Perks like Scavenger allows you to pick ammos from dead players.

There are three perk slots with unique perks in each of them so scan through the same to find which one fits best to your playstyle.

What is Specialist Mode in COD Modern Warfare?

When you reach Level 26 you can unlock a Specialist Mode where you can activate 6 Perks in your loadouts. There are three slots available by default, you can earn extra perks on every 2 kills and after 8 kills you will earn a Specialist Bonus. You will see this option in the Loadouts menu when you are editing editing it, you can unlock it or leave it for later use.