Trace Escape Room Walkthrough Guide

Here are all the Trace game hints and answers you need to escape the bathroom, house and planet and beat the game.

If you’re having trouble solving the hidden puzzles to escape the bathroom, patio, and tower, our Trace walkthrough guide has all the hints you need to beat the game on Cool Math Games. It’s a long point-and-click experience and so this guide is pretty long too, but we’ve divided it into parts to help you exit every room easily.

Complete Trace Walkthrough Guide

There are several puzzles scattered all across the game — stick till the end to know how to escape every single room and win.

How to Escape the Bathroom

Pentagon Puzzle Solution

As soon as you spawn into the room, click on the pentagon at the bottom. The goal here is to point the arrows in such a way that it makes a star symbol. The Trace game hint for this part is shown in the star at the top. Once you are done, press the circle button at the center and you will see if that forms a proper star or not.

star puzzle in trace

Collect the scissors from the cabinet that just opened. The second half of the scissors are in the sink. Combine them on the left side of the screen by putting one over the other. Note the code scribbled at the back of this cabinet which is _ _ _ 16.

Opening Boxes with Codes Puzzle Solution

Click on the toilet paper, it has the number 5 _ _ _

Click on the box next to the plant pot. Click on the circles in the same pattern as the lightbulbs are lit up which is – lit, unlit, lit, lit, unlit. It will open up and show the code _ 8 _ _

lightbulb pattern to unlock box with code

Click on the key hanging on the wall. Cut the threads with your scissors and collect the key. Use the key to open the grey box. Open it up and the code you will see is _ _ .35 _. Don’t forget to collect the crumpled paper inside. Straighten it up and a strange illustration will appear.

Lightbulb Puzzle Solution

Move the camera to the right side of the screen where the sink is present. Open up the uncrumpled paper/map and the circles should line up with the lightbulbs. The illustration will also line up with the wall, pot, and sink — one tile will be marked as an X. Click on that tile.

fish drawing on tile in bathroom

This will bring up a fish drawing with colored dots. Use the camera button on the bottom left to take a screenshot.

fish pattern on pentagon lock puzzle in trace

Now go back to the pentagon puzzle and line up the arrows to make a fish drawing. This will open another cabinet where you will see the code 1 2 .05 8 on a plate. Take a screengrab of this as well.

code on plates in cabinet

As you can see, the dashes are above the numbers so you are expected to divide the previous code you got with the numbers shown.

5 8 0.35 16

– – – –
1 2 0.05 8

The solution is: 5 4 7 2

4 digit code for opening lock in bathroom

Now go to the painting of flowers placed at the bottom right of the sink. Put this code there. Collect the lightbulb.

jack o lantern in bathroom

Pumpkin Puzzle Solution

Place this bulb inside the Jack-o-lantern. Note the colors and pattern of the eyes and nose of the carved pumpkin and replicate it on the pentagon puzzle.

jack o lantern pattern on pentagon lock

Open the cabinet, collect the key, and use it on the door. A new slider puzzle will appear. Slide the wooden blocks in a way that makes the key reach the lock.

how to unlock door to escape bathroom in trace game cool math games

These were all the Trace game hints to help you escape the Bathroom puzzle in the game. On to the next room!

How to Escape the House with 8 Stars in Trace Game

  • Click on the Couch and collect the battery.
  • Note the Star next to one of the couch’s legs – you will need a horseshoe magnet to get it.
  • Another Star will be under the table with curved legs.
  • One more Star will be on a photo frame with other stars.
  • Also, collect the figurine placed next to the plant near the couch.

Planet Puzzle Solution

planet photo in trace

Line up the planets in the same way you see on the poster with the biggest planet in the center. Press the red button when you’re done and collect the item (this has a broken section, the other part will be collected soon).

trace planet puzzle solution

Put the battery in the slots on the device placed on that table. You will need one more.

Open up the drawer with two Xs on it and collect the ‘unicorn’ item.

Move your camera to the window next to a door, and zoom into the puzzle. It has a diamond-shaped icon on it and so does the unicorn you just picked.

window puzzle solution trace

Click on the unicorn and turns out it was a giraffe all along! Align its diamond eye with the diamond on the puzzle.

creature with diamond shaped eye

An item will appear which is the second half of the grey item you’ve picked before. Combine it.

Note the markings on the grey item (metal tablet). These symbols are important.

metal tablet with symbols

Now go to the wooden item with a wooden man on it. This will be near the painting of a white tower.

trace wooden man puzzle

Replicate the symbols on this wooden item.

wooden man symbol puzzle solution

Now head to the photo frame with multiple symbols separated by “>” icon. Take a photo. These are actually the things you have to do in the room in that particular order.

  1. Go to the fish tank and press the red button.
  2. Find a table fan and press its red button as well.
  3. Find the computer and press the button.
  4. Press the red button at the place where you solved the planet puzzle previously.
  5. Press the red button on the head of the wooden sign puzzle.
  6. Lastly, go to the iron box next to the table lamp and press the button.

Collect the blade and key.

There will be a dotted line under the table with curved legs. Use the blade to cut it open. A Heart Puzzle will show up.

heart puzzle after cutting the carpet

Use the key to open the door. You’ll be on the balcony now.

  • Collect the vampire figurine.
  • You will have a different view of the bathroom and living room from the outside. Take a screenshot of the bathroom window and when you’re near the living room, adjust the giraffe’s head to match the diamond eye again. You will get the second battery.
window puzzle from outside

Explore the balcony further and you will see a circle that looks exactly like the bathroom window.

plant puzzle replication in balcony

The Trace game hint for this section is to check the plants in the photo you took and change them to exactly that in the puzzle. Press the button and collect the Star.

bathroom window plant puzzle solution

Put the battery where it was missing. The device will now show an arrow pointing to the right ➡️. Zoom out of the room and look at the ceiling, there will be a heart and the arrow where it is pointing.

Heart Arrows Puzzle Solution

Here’s the solution to the Heart Puzzle in the Trace Game

heart arrows puzzle solution trace

Collect the items. Put the submarine in the fish tank.

Head out to the Balcony and click on the table where you’ll find several puzzle pieces and a Star. Here, you have to take your time and complete the puzzle.

completed puzzle pieces full picture trace game

The end goal is to make a picture of the living room from the angle of the couch. Go to the sofa and click to get that same angle. Use the blade/box cutter to cut through its arm and get the hidden key. It has some shapes on it, which brings us to the section right under the computer.

numbers next to a light

Use the pentagon key over the numbers and the ones that are highlighted as 9 (triangle), 2 (circle) and 3 (an upside-down trapezoid).

pentagon key

Go to the computer and start it. When it asks for a password, enter 923 and log in. Click on the Submarine. Explore the scenes until you land on another password: 26336 6161.

password code on computer

Look away. Start the computer again and click on the Robot icon this time. Here, you will see another set of codes.

  • X OPEN X
  • O OPEN O
  • X OPEN X
  • O OPEN O
  • U OPEN U

Go towards the drawers and follow the same pattern to open them. Now, you will get a horseshoe magnet.

drawers code in trace game

Now head to the door with steel rods and enter the code 26336 6161 to escape the living room and the house in Trace game. Of course, there’s one more door puzzle to complete.

House Door Puzzle

To complete the house door puzzle in the Trace game, you have to place Stars in a way that there’s only one per color, so you need 8 Stars in total. If you’ve followed this guide, you have six an need two more stars first.

Open up the yellow book placed next to the table fan. It will tell you the location of one more Star on the balcony. There’s one more near a mini piano kept on a table on the balcony, in the same place where you re-did the giraffe puzzle.

Here’s the solution you can follow to complete the House door puzzle and once done, press the red button. You have successfully escaped the house in Trace on Cool Math Games.

where to place all 8 stars to escape house in trace game

How to Escape the Planet/Tower Section

Once you’re out of the house, explore the areas outside.

cabbage faced password trace game hint

Check the section that has an arrow and says Cabbage Faced through the circle window. Take a screenshot. This is a password that you will need at the piano.

red flower pot puzzle

Get to the place where there’s a flower pot on a small table. You will need a code for the wooden frame on the wall.

Put this sequence here to remove the frame and collect the dragon figurine behind it and a golden key.

wooden puzzle answer

Head out to the wooden bridge, back into the house and the balcony. Use the golden key on the umbrella. Click on the eye on the chair to reveal some text – Eyes Close in the Dark. It also appears with a symbol of a witch’s hat inside a gear and a curve under it.

go upstairs in the tower

Now head back outside to the tower and go upstairs. There will be a robot figurine next to a light – pick it up and go back to the balcony. You should see a Kite here. You can use the Robot on the Kite’s rope and it will hang onto it.

collect robot and hang it on kite

Now head to the small piano. Press the keys in this order: C, A, B, B, A, G, E, F, A, C, E, D. Once done, open the top of the piano and collect the item.

piano keys puzzle answer

Take the submarine out of the fish tank in the house. Combine it with the item you just picked up. Put the whole thing back into the fish tank and press the red button under it.

Start the computer and click on the submarine icon. Navigate the visuals and open up the wooden treasure chest. The words “I DID DEEDS” will appear.

computer password solution

Now move away from the PC, and log in again by clicking on the Gear > Robot icon. You will now see the perspective of the Robot hanging on the rope. Check everything on the screen – you will see that the bridge has some symbols marked on the side. Take a screenshot.

bridge shapes symbols sequence

Go back to the tower, to the section with the red flowers, and click on the drawer. A keyboard will show up where you need to type I DID DEEDS.

trace game hint for keyboard puzzle

Collect the dragon item from there.

Now head towards the stairs and open up the door and go inside.

tower room gear puzzle

Click on the gear-like symbol on the door and you will see that you have to draw the witch’s hat on it, to replicate the “Eyes Close in the Dark” icon.

replicate witch hat

Look up and click on the bulbs. The goal is to ensure that all are unlit. Once done, a symbol will appear below with a tooth, fire, and wing. This is where the figurines will come into the picture.

  • Put the Zombie between Tooth and Fire.
  • Put the Fiery dragon between Wing and Fire.
  • Put the Vampire between Wing and Tooth.
  • Put the Purple Dragon in the center.
turn off all bulbs and place figurines in circles

Collect the screwdriver that appears and go back into the house.

Near the balcony’s door, there’s a red light next to a metal sheet with Password written on it. Use the screwdriver to open it up.

open up the password sheet

You will see this:



Go to the computer and click on the tower icon. Now, add the password <0-|-< and log in.

computer password for tower

A math-based game will start on the computer. An enemy with a number will come towards you, and you must use two numbers quickly to have an equal number to defeat it. The symbol in between won’t be a subtraction, addition, division, or multiplication symbol from our world, but a strange symbol that you have to do trial and error with and hope an equal number comes up. If it didn’t work out the first time, quickly think of another mathematical combo that can bring up that number.

math game in trace escape room

Win the game and go back to the keypad under the fish tank. This is where one of the symbols you just played with, will show up, so you need to know if it’s +, -, /, or x. The spiral symbol is equal to the = sign.

Math Equation Symbol Puzzle Answer

Here’s the solution for the math equation under the fish tank.

math equation answer trace game

Once done, collect the book. Note the launch date mentioned there: 2793.

Go back to the tower and head upstairs. Check the puzzle under the yellow light. Replicate the sequence of symbols you see on the bridge.

replicate bridge shapes

Now the launch date on the box says 1234. Change it to 2793.

planet sequence and launch date code

You also need to click on the planets as shown in the sequence in the book.

Click on GO. A short animation will play, take a screengrab when it is over.

planet color puzzle

Now head back out, go into the house, and visit the picture of planets. There’s an off-white pyramid structure with some holes in it. Replicate the same planet structure as shown in the previous animation. You can do so by clicking on the holes and changing the colors to match the colors of the planets.

where to escape trace game room

A key will pop out. Use this key on the door next to the window with the marking of a blue maze. This brings you back to the bathroom. Use the key with multiple shapes on it, on the pentagon lock. Open the hatch on the top and exit from there.

All done! You’ve successfully escaped! Hopefully, this Trace walkthrough guide with hints and puzzle answers was helpful to escape all the rooms without any trouble.

If you prefer a visual guide on YouTube, we’ve got you covered too. Check it out below.