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Tower Of God New World Characters Tier List (September 2023)

Use this Tower of God New World tier list to get the best characters from Warrior, Tank, Assassin, Ranged, Support, and Mage classes.

The Tower of God New World tier list has ranked all the characters based on their class, type, skills, and special moves. The famous webtoon and anime series ToG has gained immense popularity among the manhwa reader and anime watchers, and gamers are finding it worth it too. Its mesmerizing graphics, easy controls, and engaging storyline have caught gamers attention. So use this guide to know which of your favorite ToG characters rank higher and whom to recruit to your team.

ToG New World Best Characters Ranked (September 2023)

ToG New World Best Characters Tier List

This ToG New World tier is divided into seven sections: S+, S, A+, A, B, C, and D. S+ characters are the most OP ones, but the D tier is not weak. Many characters did not make it into this list, as we have listed the best characters, so ranking is among them too. Here we have also listed their color, class, and type, which you can use if you are looking for a specific combination.

S+ Tier Characters of ToG

  • Zahard: Green, Warrior, Physical
  • Shibisu: Yellow, Support, Physical
  • Evankhell: Red, Mage, Magical

S Tier List for Tower of God New World

  • Evan: Yellow, Support, Magical
  • Karaka: Purple, Tank, Physical
  • Khun Mascheny (Data): Purple, Ranged, Magical
  • Khun Mascheny (Lightning Spear): Purple, Ranged, Magical

A+ Tier Characters in Tower of God

  • Rak: Yellow, Tank, Physical
  • Ha Yuri: Green, Tank, Physical
  • Quant: Blue, Assassin, Physical
  • Narae Seonwoo: Purple, Support, Magical

A Rank Characters of ToG

  • Arkraptor: Red, Ranged, Physical
  • Bam: Yellow, Support, Magical
  • Lero Ro: Blue, Support, Magical
  • Gyetang: Yellow, Ranged, Magical
  • Hansung Yu: Red, Mage, Magical
  • Prince: Purple, Warrior, Magical
  • Endorsi: Purple, Assassin, Physical
  • Kurdan: Blue, Warrior, Magical

B Tier Tower of God New World Characters

  • Lozeal: Green, Support, Magical
  • Hatz: Yellow, Warrior, Physical
  • Michael: Red, Assassin, Magical
  • Quaetro: Blue, Mage, Magical
  • Khun Aguero: Purple, Support, Magical
  • Ghost: Purple, Tank, Magical
  • Wangnan Ja: Yellow, Ranged, Magical
  • Blarode: Blue, Warrior, Physical
  • Anaak: Red, Warrior, Physical
  • Edin Dan: Green, Assassin, Physical
  • Cheonhwa Hong: Yellow, Assassin, Physical

C Tier List Characters of ToG New World

  • Khun Hatzling: Blue, Ranged, Magical
  • Horyang Kang: Blue, Tank, Physical
  • Rachel: Purple, Mage, Magical
  • Amigocharz: Red, Tank, Physical

D Tier List of ToG

  • Lurker Kim: Purple, Ranged, Magical
  • Laure: Green, Mage, Magical
  • Miseng Yeo: Green, Warrior, Physical
  • Horyang Kang: Blue, Tank, Physical
  • Yellowy: Red, Mage, Magical

These are all the best Characters of Tower of God New World ranked in the tier list. If you haven’t got the desired character from summon, then use this ToG reroll guide. And if you are interested in more games by the same developers, check Ni no Kuni coupon codes and reroll guide.