Tower Of God Great Journey Tier List

Here is a guide on the Tower of God Great Journey Tower List.

Searching for the Tower of God Great Journey Tier List? Then you’re at the right place. The game lets you build a team of your own with your favorite characters from the original webtoons. We have ranked the best characters in our guide below. Keep reading to find out.

Tower of God Great Journey Tier List

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We will keep updating this tier list as and when any new characters are introduced in the game. We have ranked these characters according to our opinion which is why you may disagree with some of the ratings. So, without further ado, here is the Tower of God Great Journey Tier List:

Tier Character Rarity Type
S Hansung Yu Legendary
S Sachi Faker Legendary
S Verdi Legendary
S Yihwa Yeon Epic
S Yuri Ha Legendary
S Cassano Legendary
S White Heavenly Mirror Khun Legendary
S Evan Edrok Legendary
A Reflejo Fisherman
A Urek Mazino Legendary
A Khun Ran Legendary
A Green April Anaak Fisherman
A Horyang Epic
A Boro Epic
A Xiaxia Legendary
A Viole Legendary
A Hwaryun Legendary
A Love Epic
A Beta Legendary
A Daniel Hatchid Legendary
A Quant Blitz Epic
A Hunter Rak Legendary
B Wangnan Ja Epic
B Varagav Epic
C Mini Rak Epic
C Laure Epic
C Shibisu Epic
C Wangnan Ja Epic
C Miseng Epic

S Tier

Under the S Tier comes the most overpowered characters in the game right now. Characters like Hansung Yu, Sachi Faker and Verdi belong to this group . All in all, any of the 8 characters from the S Tier will do the job for you in Tower of God Great Journey.

A Tier

Characters who fall under the A Tier are quite adept in the game. In short, they are the perfect substitutes in case you don’t have any S Tier character on your team.

B Tier

Once you have progressed enough in the game, you should swap out any characters from the B Tier. The reason is that these B Tier characters are decent during early game but once you progress, you should bring in characters from either the S or A Tier.

C Tier

Well, there are about 5 characters that come under the C Tier. All of them possess very poor stats and you should avoid them totally.

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That’s all you need to know on the Tower of God Great Journey Tier list. We hope you found these rankings helpful. If you want to get some freebies in the game, check out redeem codes for Tower of God Great Journey on Gamer Tweak.