Lost Ark – What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

Check out our guide on what to do with the Tournament Champions plate in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that features a plethora of collectibles and items. You will collect these different items as you progress through different quests. The Tournament Champions Plate is one of the rewards that you will receive on completing a quest. But most of the players are pretty confused about using this item. Not to worry, here’s our guide on what to do with the Tournament Champions Plate in Lost Ark.

What to Do with the Tournament Champions Plate in Lost Ark

Currently, there are no answers to this question. But players of the community have been holding back to sell it. Why? Because this item does not have the gold bag icon next to it. This icon indicates the items that are good for selling-off. As it does not have that icon, players are confused about whether to sell or not sell. If you head over to a vendor and sell it, you can get 30,000 Silver in exchange.

On the contrary, we suggest keeping this item in your inventory for as long as you can. That’s because the Tournament Champions Plate was used as a crafting material for a weapon in the Korean version. According to a Reddit user u/Essen_star, there was a weapon vendor at the Port City, Changhun that could use this plate for weapons. But this vendor is not available for the NA/EU versions.

lost ark tournament champions plate use
Image Source – Iczel Gaming on YouTube.

You get the Tournament Champions plate from the NPC, Pahan as a reward for completing the “Prove my Worth” quest. If you need some Silver coins, go ahead and sell them to a vendor. Although there is a scope for its use in future updates, the plate can indeed take up your inventory space. And the best way to clear out your inventory is by selling unwanted items to your vendor.

So, we leave this decision to you.

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