How To Get Resources In Total War Saga: Troy

In this Total War Saga: Troy Resources guide, you will learn how to get Gold, Bronze, Stone, Food and Wood. Find out the different ways to get them all.

Resources in A Total War Saga: Troy are crucial in the game. With careful management of 5 resource types like Gold, Stone, Bronze, Food and Wood, you will be able to succeed in the game. But if you don’t know where you can obtain them then things can get trickier for you. So, to help you out, here’s how to get Total War Saga: Troy resources.

Total War Saga: Troy Resource Guide

Let’s take a look at how these resources can be beneficial. Food will help your population grow and also be used for recruitment of units in the early game. Wood comes in handy for building simple things. With Stone, you can build better and stronger structures. Bronze will let you create advanced and more powerful troops. Finally, Gold is an important resource that will be essential for trading.

You will need all of these items and resources to survive and thrive in the game. A good strategy of balancing all of these resources will take you far. These are some of the ways you can grab Food, Wood, Stone, Bronze and the rare Gold.

How to Get Gold, Stone, Bronze, Food and Wood

When you occupy settlements, you can get resources from them. You can also master trading to get access to more resources that you don’t have. In those cases where traveling far or attacking settlements isn’t logical, trading is the best choice.

Finally, the most obvious way to get resources in Total War Saga: Troy is to win battles. But of course, you won’t win all the time so it’s best to not depend on this entirely. Trading and occupying settlements are easier options.

So, that was everything you need to know in order to get started with collecting resources in Total War Saga: Troy. The thing about this game is that the more you know, the better decisions you can take. Hence, you can read more detailed info about Achilles in our Total War Saga: Troy – Achilles Guide. Plus, in case you are curious to know, here’s the answer for is there Multiplayer in Troy?. Read to know.