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Total War Saga: Troy – Achilles Guide

Get into the shoes of Achilles and unleash strength of the ultimate champion in the battlefield.

Achilles is the legendary undefeated champion of the Greek. Now you can play as the hero of the Trojan War in the Troy game. Achilles has two unique mechanics in the game. In this Achilles guide, we will learn what the warrior is capable of and how to use it on the battlefield while playing Total War Saga: Troy.

Achilles Guide – Total War Saga: Troy


Hot-blooded and Living Legend are the two mechanics of Achilles. The Hot-blooded mechanic shows mood swings of the character. These mood swings are depended on the decisions we take for the character. The Living Legend mechanics, on the other hand, shows its war heroics in the game. Both these features will be a vital part of your Troy campaign.

Hot-blooded Achilles

Hot-blooded Achilles has four foods. Players have to manage these four moods according to the situation of the game. His moods will impact his army’s performance.


Proud: Achilles thinks logically and has no other effects.

Indignant: Achilles will ignore general diplomacy and spend time with his army. His group will receive 30% more resources, 10 less influence, and 50 fewer evaluation scores for all attempted deals.

Grieving: Achilles is sorry for his army. During this mood Achilles will receive increased 20% favor of gods for all temples,. He and his troops will receive +200 experience, 20% more favor from priestess rituals, and 7 less happiness.


Outraged: Achilles thrives for war in this mood. He and his men gain a 40% melee attack bonus, 100% treasure loot chance after defeating enemies, a 10% increase to casualty replenishment rate. They also get a 25% damage increase, 100% more raiding and looting income, a 30% decline in resource rate, a 50% decline in province growth rate.

The Living Legend

Leaders across the globe will try to compete with Achilles. You have to appear for all the challenges and defeat the enemies. Hearing the challenge from Achilles, the opponents will either submit or fight. If they fight show them the class of the ultimate warrior.


Place Achilles in the battle to level him up more quickly. Gather troops and build an army with specialized warriors to fight behind Achilles. Enter the arena and defeat the enemies on the battlefield to show your superiority to the world.

Homeric Victory for Achilles

You can achieve Homeric Victory for Achilles. To do that you need to complete the following tasks.

  • Destroy Paris of Troy, Hector of Troy, and Troy itself.
  • Complete the 12 epic Achilles’ missions.
  • Reach rank 27 with your abilities.

That’s all you need to know about Achilles from Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide. You can get Total War Saga: Troy for free on Epic Games Store. Install it and enter the Trojan War.