Top 5 Minecraft Parkour Servers – Stunt Time

Find the 5 best parkour servers in Minecraft. These servers feature extensive levels and challenges to test your parkour skills. You can also win coins and other items.

Parkour Servers in Minecraft have been popular ever since their inception. There are thousands of these servers available for players to choose from. In this article, we will show you the top 5 servers.

5 BestParkour Servers in Minecraft

A shortlist of the best Parkour Servers you can enjoy in Minecraft. Jump over and solve extensive challenges to brush up your skills.


Minecraft Mox MC Parkour Server

  • The Mox MC parkour server offers players loads of different parkour maps to test their skills.
  • This server also has its own parkour challenges. If you beat them, you are rewarded with custom tags and items.
  • You can also find maze events and other such interesting minigames on this parkour server.
  • To join this server, all you need to do is type “/warp parkour” in the chatbox.
  • Once you enter this code, you will be taken to the brilliantly designed Mox MC Parkour Server.

4. Happy-HG (IP:

Minecraft Happy-HG Parkour Server

  • This parkour server is one of the most popular in Minecraft.
  • It offers you the availability of several exciting game modes, one of which is parkour.
  • You can improve and fine-tune your parkour skills with the server’s various maps that are built with the aim of helping players get better.
  • There are maps like “slime parkour” and “ladder parkour” that help you to improve in specific areas.

3. ParkourCraft (IP:

Minecraft ParkourCraft Parkour Server

  • This is one of the smallest parkour servers in Minecraft, but it is still loaded with custom-built parkour maps as well as various parkour-themed plugins.
  • You can receive in-game coins as a reward for completing the parkour maps on this server successfully.
  • You can redeem these coins to acquire cosmetic items, like colorful chat tags.

2. Minr (IP:

Minecraft Minr Parkour Server

  • This parkour server-at 10 years old- is one of the oldest in Minecraft.
  • The Minr server has kept getting better over the years, with a large number of parkour maps for you to enjoy.
  • You will find maps for all skill sets on this server.

1. Mineplex (IP:

Minecraft Mineplex Parkour Server

  • Mineplex is a very popular parkour server in Minecraft, with a loyal following among gamers.
  • The Dragon Escape game mode on this server is the most popular.
  • In this mode, you need to use your parkour skills to escape a chasing dragon.
  • This mode is exclusive to Mineplex and is one of the biggest reasons you should check the server out.

And that brings us to the end of this compilation of the 5 best Minecraft Parkour servers. As you can see, there are some really exciting servers that reward you for your skills and achievements. If you liked this article, check out the best mods in Minecraft 1.17.