Top 10 Must-Have Subnautica Mods That Will Change Your Gaming Experience

Easy Crafting, Free Weapon, Fully Unlocked Map, etc. the best mods are here.

Subnautica is an open-world first perspective game packed with action-adventure and exploration. The game is more about the survival of the lone survivor that the players take on the character of and the entire plot takes place almost completely underwater opening up a whole new realm of deep-sea exploration and the underwater creatures. The game makes you dive into a completely different world with a picturesque environment and beautiful shots of the deep sea. Now while the default version of Subnautica has the potential to submerge the player in the gameplay and get hooked, there are a few mods that make the gameplay so vivid that you would be mesmerized. In this list, we count down the top 10 must-have mods for Subnautica and why they are needed!

Best Subnautica Mods

With over tons of mods to chose from, I am going to eliminate your confusion by offering these 10 top mods you can try in Subnautica. Sorting out crafting, expanding map capabilities, getting an alien rifle, are certain interesting hints of this list.

10. Autosort Lockers

Subnautica Autosort Lockers Mod

After a long trip of gathering all the required resources, it can be time-consuming to sit and sort them into their respective lockers. The AutosortLockers mod is what you need if you are looking to save time on grouping your resources. This Mod can help you to create custom lockers. Just dump all gathered resources in one place and this mod will automatically sort them. The mod also allows you to change locker colors. It an easy to remember where you have stored important things via color code. It does not just end here, you can also have a standing Autosort Receptacle!

9. Alien Rifle

Subnautica Alien Rifle Mod

Want a weapon to wave off reapers in Subnautica? Here is a mod that gives you an alien gun. A perfect weapon to have underwater. You can also break things using the Alien Rifle. There is a basic requirement to craft this weapon it requires the base gun. After this, you can upgrade the same to an advanced weapon with cool skin earning this mod a place in our Best 10 Mods for Subnautica.

8. WhiteLights

Subnautica WhiteLights Mod

WhiteLights mods will change the entire picture of the game. Once you get your hands on this mod you can modify the light color of your Seaglide, SeaMoth, and PrawnSuit. The visuals under these customizable lights give an entirely new perspective to play the game. Players can choose any color they want, completely changing the undertones of the environment.

7. Map

Subnautica Map Mod

To sum up this mod, the map gives out all the locations of materials, wrecks, and other explorative elements of the game upfront. Now, why would you need such a spoiler you may ask? because it accelerates your gameplay and you won’t have to keep searching out for resources in the dark for upgrades. If you are not in for spoilers, you can just play the game initially in the dark and experience the surprise elements and get the explorer feel of always being on the edge. Later you can get this mod to locate all you need and speed up your gameplay.

6. Easy Craft

Subnautica EasyCraft Mod

Subnautica is essentially a survival game that requires you to be equipped with a lot of defense mechanisms and build weapons. All of this is a major part of the game and sometimes can be tedious to constantly keep doing so. The EasyCraft mod will be your helping hand. It will automatically craft the weapons for you by taking materials from nearby storage. The mod settings range from Inside, in range to auto craft giving the player the freedom to collect inside the base or Cyclops. That is within 100 meters of the base. All in all, this mod can save the labor of resource gathering for crafting.

5. Upgraded Vehicles

Subnautica Upgraded Vehicles Mod

No upgrade ever saturates the need to advancing more and more. Players are always in search of new upgrades and this mod will give them just that! This mod is bound to upgrade your Seamoth and Prawn Suit by making it faster, more efficient, and tougher than before. The vehicle upgrade will increase the speed of your ride and can provide significant damage reduction.

4. Decorations Mod

Subnautica Decoration Mod

How does the ability to craft 118 new items sound? How about we add the ability to craft 56 new seeds too? Wait, take there 36 new buildable for your habitat builder menu. You can practically get them all with the Decorations Mod. From customizing colors to changing sizes of your surrounding objects, the mod will allow the player to completely modify the game and add a personal touch to it.

3. Alterra Sea Voyager

 Subnautica Alterra Sea Voyager Mod

Exploring 4546B is not a mere hop skip jump task. The explorer needs to travel distances and surpass hurdles which require a decent amount of vehicles built to withstand these challenges. The Alterra Sea Voyager mod gives the player an additional vehicle, a boat. The boat provides the user with more space to build and also navigate the seas quicker. The mod also features an autopilot prototype to let you relax while navigating and enjoy the scenery making it second on our Best 10 Mods for Subnautica.

2. Nitrox – Multiplayer Mod

Subnautica Nitrox - Multiplayer Mod

Though this mod is yet in its early stages of development, it gets the number two position on our list due to the possibilities and potential it unlocks in the gameplay. The mod will enable a multiplayer mode which will allow the players to have a multiplayer option and can explore and complete the missions along with other players. The experience of a multiplayer will completely change the dynamics of the game and the players will play the game in a completely different strategy than what they are used to with the single-player default.

1. Aeonic ReShade

Subnautica Aeonic ReShade Mod

Just one word, photorealism! This is a must-need mod as it will change the entire aesthetic of the game. It will give a detailed look to the entire game and the players will be mesmerized by the details and the enhanced beauty. It will make the players will feel like they are living a realistic movie that can be controlled and played according to them. The mod will really transform the entire visual and feels of the game.

Now while all the mods are cool and helpful, they are not foolproof. The game by default can be pretty self-sufficient, however including the mods will help the players get more choice within the game. While these are the Subnautica mods that we think you should check out, there are tons of others that will help to change the gameplay and bring a ton of customizability.

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