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How to Solve Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Raise the Spire of Miktrull

During a objective Locate Tarful on Kashyyk you will visit the new planet and drive a AT-TE Walker to help allies dealing with Imperial Soldiers. This planet also has a tomb, called as Tomb of Miktrul. Without unlocking the Pull ability where you can grab objects you cannot solve this puzzle, so this section has two parts. First finding up the spot where you can trigger tutorial to unlock the Pull ability and second solving the Sphere puzzle to finally solve Tomb of Miktrul in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Everything starts after you unlock objective Take the Tram back to the Mantis, which begins right after a speech by Saw Gerrera. After completing the objective you have to return back to Zeffo to investigate new Imperial Excavation. Return back to your ship and pick Zeffo. You will be familiar with the route now because this the same place where we solved the Tomb Of Eliram Sphere Puzzle In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Now comes the second one to proceed further.


How to Solve Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle is the exact location to explore, but before this you will need to pass through Zeffo Crash site and fight Second Sister one more time. So here is the what you have to do, the guide has two parts, first path towards the Tomb and second how to solve the Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle so that you can return back to the ship.

How to reach Tomb of Miktrul


After reaching the destination follow the Hologram path to reach the Tram Lift that will take you to Zeffo Crash Site. Check the map once, you will see an way towards the crash site. Best is to save game first, look in the cave on left of tram for a save point then continue towards the door right in front of the save point. It will unlock automatically. Swim through the water, and exit the cave you will at Zeffo Crash Site.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Zeffo Crash Site


Zeffo Crash site is an big place, there is lot of walking here. Swim towards the crash ship on the right and then climb through the big round platform on left. The place is guarded by a big alien monster Jotaz. Look for grills to climb up, there will a few annoying drones in your use the light saber to deflect their shots, but avoid going near they will explode. After passing through big broken ship pieces focus on going left. Just follow the path of Imperial Droids. After deflecting two shots back to them the droid will try to come to near before explosion use Push ability to throw them away. There will be a few more droids.

Tram 2:

On the next spot after dealing with the Droids there is an Zipline, use BD-1 to activate it and cross the platform you will reach a second tram. Exit the tram use the Zipline on your left to proceed and use a few more to go further down. After using two of them you will land into a room with few soldiers and a two security droid.


Unlock BD-1 Ability – Powered Zipline:

This room has workbench that you can access after defeating the enemies, here you will unlock a new ability for your buddy BD-1, he can now trave up and down on ziplines. Exit the room and use the zipline right outside to return back near the first zipline. Interact with the console and it will take you back from where you started, the tram area. Interact with the zipline one more time and now with the help of new ability BD-1 can go up and down, taking you an platform above. Do a wall run and land on the platform with few Stromtroopers.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

The lift on the left is lock, go right from the platform and turn left. You will reach an room use BD-1 to unlock a shortcut. Another door unlocks, jump to the right and use the zipline to reach the ridged wall. Use Wall run and grab the rope. Jump on the wall with plantation and climb up. There will be a save point and at the left end there is another lift, that will take you down where you will fight the Second Sister.

How to defeat Second Sister:

She is strong when having enough stamina but gets weaker when you see the white bar above her head goes low. You can block her attacks to stun her for a short while and instantly release a few combos to drain the health bar. At all cost stay away when she turns red, also watch carefully after she uses her power attack she will hold for a while. You can use this short window to attack her with few combos and then instantly dodge back. She is more vulnerable from the backside, the best shot you can get is when she dashes in with full speed and stop, use Evade to go to the back and attack with combos. After 50% if health is drained the fight will stop with a cutscene.

Continuing to Tomb of Miktrul…

After the cutscene, turn around and cross the caves, the path is now straight. Continue walking till you reach the end jump down and pass through the narrow passage to enter Tomb of Miktrul.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Now this place is massive and you have to explore a lot here until you reach the final part of the tomb. It might take hours if you don’t really know here you have to go so here is an step by step pathway to solve the Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution and complete the objective.

Unlock Pull Ability – Uses Force

The main objective of running around the tomb is to unlock the pull ability so that you can pull ropes or objects towards. But the path is pretty confusing and long.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

After entering the tomb continue walking from the right jump and grab the edges on the wall to slide to the left. Use the two ropes to swing to the other side, slide down and grab the wall to climb up. Next you will pass in between the walls crossing a thin path. Deal with the Tomb Guardian and Stormtroopers. Look in the hologram map there is an breakable all that will take you inside the Tomb. Without pull ability you cannot unlock doors so do remember this place you have to return here. The tomb has a sphere in the center.

On the right side of the locked door there is an another breakable wall, break it and interact with the ancient console to burn down the roots blocking your way. Continue towards the stairs and you will reach a Save Point. Jump over the wall in front use the plants to go up and break the wall on right. There are some Stormtroopers inside defeat them and interact with the console that will drop a huge square block opening a new path.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Push it to the backside towards the tomb wall and climb up. In this new lobby area walk left to reach the Save Point. There is an climbable wall just on its opposite, but the path is blocked by roots. We have to burn this root and return back here to climb up. Next move towards left, a few more enemies will block your way. Continue till left end, use wall run and then swing on the rope to grab the plants on the rock in the center of  a huge mountain. After you successfully lands on the opposite side, go right. In the end you will reach and console and a open area with an mechanism. This is also an puzzle.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

First interact with the console on right and you will see a few walls moves and are attached to a center rotating mechanism. The first step walk over the roots and use the leaves on the moved wall to go towards the left platform. To reach the second console use the tree branch on the left, jump on a few platforms do a wall run and then reach on the top. There will be a lot of enemies here. You can use the force to push them down the cliff. interact with the console and the walls will detach once again.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Use the wall on your left to go on the other side, the same you did for the first time. Continue towards the next control panel, now here you have to use to two times. First interact to attach the walls, and second use it again and run fast and grab the moving fall to go on the left end. There will be a few seconds gap allowing you to run and grab it. Go to the other side of the moved wall, and climb on a round structure. You have to do a few wall runs to reach a bridge.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Interact with a control panel on right to burn the roots which releases a mechanism with fire it, push it on the roots to burn them. If you remember you are back at the save point. Climb up and take the door on left to enter back into the tomb area. This time you are on higher platform go to the opposite end and break the wall. Defeat the Purge Trooper, and take the path on the left that will take you outside on a bridge with few more enemies. The door is locked here, so you have to continue walking on a narrow path on the right side of the locked door. There is another breakable wall, continue towards two hanging pillars. Grab them to go to the other side where you will see moving walls, wait for while and then cross them.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

There is an another control panel after you cross the three walls, which wll complete stop the moving walls. At the end there is an narrow passage, that ends at save point and you can see a hanging platfrom with soldier on them. The path to reach that is from the right, jump down, a wall run and then grab the pipe below climb and here you will unlock the Pull Ability which is going to play a vital role in solving the Tomb of Miktrul puzzle. Press L2 to pull.

Back to Tomb of Miktrul

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

The first thing to do after this is grab the rope right in front of you, press L2 to pull it, and use the plants to climb up. To burn the roots, grab one of the candles using Pull ability and push it on the roots. You can once again save the game on the save point. Use the Narrow passage once again and return back to the tomb, there will be more guard and droids waiting for you. Use the pull ability to throw the droids to destroy multiple enemies. Next is the Tomb Guardian. Grab the rope to reach the gate to open it, use Pull to grab the rope and lock it on the right mechanism. Now this is how you can unlock the doors, defeat the troopers and follow the hologram path to the left. It will take you to another gate, unlock one more door and you are in the center of tomb.

How to get the Sphere?

Defeat the alien monster, now the objective here is to break the chain the holds the spear so it can fall down. From the tomb area, that is the center one where the sphere is hanging there is a door on right with stairs, that will take you a level up. You have to use the walls to climb further up ad you will be in a region where you first time use the control and square block felled out. The sphere is hanging right in the center. Here is what you have to do.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

After defeating the guardian, walk right and climb up. Grab one of the candles from the wall and throw it on the blue energy area. The candle will stick on the wall on left. Next turn around and walk towards the water, jump on the other side and pull the rope.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Attach it to the round mechanism and next take out the candle and burn the roots on the thick chain. Once it is burned the sphere will fall down. It’s time to put the sphere back into its position, place it over the round area on the floor. By doing this a new tomb area will come out of the water, enter it for a cutscene. Here you completes Raise the Spire of Miktrull. This will unlock the Astrium, return to Mantis.

How to return to your ship Mantis?

Exit the tomb the path is the left, do a wall run and grab two ropes to land on a platform with work bench. Here you will unlock a new upgrade for BD-1 – Slide: Probe Droid ability. This will now allow BD-1 to control Damaged Imperial droids, a helpful upgrade in coming battles. To control the droids press D-pad down after pulling them with the force.

Continue walking left, use the force to push down platforms and pull ropes till you  are captured into a prison. Here before Mantis finds you, the first objective is to relocate BD-1.

Escaping from the Prison:

In the prison on the left of the locked door pull out a metal cover to reveal a connector. Next look above the orange light another breakable door, pull it to reveal the power cable, grab it and place it on the connector to unlock the prison door.

Finding BD-1:

Once you are out of the prison, walk till the end into a huge room with more power cables. Grab the first one on the right and connect it to the connector on the left at the entrance. One on the right is already connected, grab the one on the left corner and place it to the nearest connector right on its opposite. A new door will open up right at the entrance of this area, go inside, break the metal door and pass through a thin passage between walls.

Tomb of Miktrul Puzzle Solution

Cross the lobby and walk towards the right end, there is an prison door in front of a pit. Alien creatures are falling from the sky, now to unlock this door grab the power cable from the left of the prison door and leave it. Go to the opposite side, you can use the wall run and grab the rope to swing on the top of prison door. Grab the power cable one more time and connect it to unlock a small door to free BD-1. That’s it you got your buddy now.

Break the cover on the right of prison door so that BD-1 can unlock it. Do a wall run to reach the other side and wall till the left end. BD-1 will unlock another door that will take you to the room with three cables. Here the circular area is a lift, to activate it you just have to connect a power cable to the left side. The lift will take you up to a room where Mantis will crash land after you are done killing a ton of alien creatures.