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How to Solve Tomb of Eliram Sphere Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Learn how to get out of the tomb


On Zeffo after your ship lands you will enter into puzzle below the storm where you have to move huge sphere shape objects. The storm region is far, from the land point walk to right end toward the mountain, there will be a lot of storm troopers and animals on their way. Finally after crossing through various caves and path you will reach Windswept Ruins with an huge storm. We have to go below the storm and there is an puzzle.

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Zeffo Puzzle Solution – Walkthrough

Windswept Ruins Lift Location –

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

Walk to the lower left corner to find a cave and cross two narrow passages until you see a lift in the middle of the storm with a huge golden sphere. Use force to stop the rocks, walk on the lift and stand on the switch on the left side. Like the one in image below.

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

The lift will take you to the Tomb of Eliram, here inorder to solve the puzzle you have to unlock the Push ability. With this you can push heavy objects and throw them on the enemies. The objective to reach in the deeper caves to unlock the Push Tutorials. Follow the below route.

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When the lift stops two doors are unlocked, one of them is for the sphere, take the one one the left. Avoid contact to the plant with thorns, you cannot destroy it. Just stay away from it. The stairs will lead you to a narrow passage in between the debris. The first thing is to avoid the Skungus plant and the strong wind blowing up from the wall.

Jump down towards the icy path, you have to slide all the way down. But do watch for the Skungus below, you will land into a room with an huge round mechanism in the center. There are sphere balls around but you cannot push them, for this we need to unlock the ability.

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

From here, go right, deal with a few alien looking mouse. Climb from left and cut the branches to make way. In this new area there is an sphere hanging above, next climb up from the wall on right, you cannot break any of the doors here. You will have to grab this ball and swing to the left end. For this after climbing up look on the left end there is an round door with an lever to its right. Use force to open it and it will release air causing the spear to move. Lock it back, and then jump to grab it.

In this new area there is a sphere in between with an guard standing at the corner. Do not go down, instead if you can see from the left corner you will see another Wind door. Use force to unlock the door that will move the wheel revealing two platforms you can use to move ahead.

Cross both the platform and climb from left. There is an cave blocked by branches cut them to enter. You have to be slow here, as soon as you enter the cave, you will slide down be ready to grab the rope. Swing back if required to wall run the mountain wall right in front of you. Once you reach safely to the other side walk till end and go right, cut down the branches and once again you have to protect yourself from the Skungus. Jump toward the right corner, the wind will try to blow to the left. There will be Skungus blocking your way, continue going left.

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

Try to jump with right timing the winds can push you. Once you are on the other side once again you will be on a platform with more skungus. Walk to the opposite and use the lever to open the wind door. Now all Skungus in your way will be blown way, run and jump ahead, next you have to avoid a Tomb Guard. Just use the evade and pass him do not try to fight. Use the air coming out from ground to climb up fast. Above unlock the wind door and jump to the opposite side, because of the strong wind you can cover larger distance.

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

Cut the branches and pass through the narrow entrance, continue walking to the end on your left. Interact with the door and you will unlock the Push ability. For pushing press R2. Use the ability for the first time to break the door and unlock a new passage. This completes the objective Seek the eye of the Storm.

How to defeat Tomb Guardians?

Next you have to fight, the trick to defeat the big guy is using R2 to push him that will release the sphere form his chest making the guard immobile. Use attack to drain his health out and repeat the same thing multiple time. But avoid coming in his sphere attack range, it is unavoidable unless you are hiding behind a object. Continue to the blue door.

After unlocking the door you will also unlock a new destination Kashyyk and you will be in a familiar puzzle room. The objective now is to return back to the lift. There is an guard below, defeat him.

How to return to the Lift – Three Sphere Puzzle Solution

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

After defeating the guard you have to place three spheres on the three round mechanism on the room. If you can understand a diagram above then it will be easier to figure out. You have to place the three spheres on the three green areas, two are on the upper level means above the ground. 4 is right above 3.

First Sphere – It is in the room already, move it over 3.

Second Sphere – Enter the newly unlocked door at the center end, there is an path that leads outside, grab the wall and climb to the left. Climb up and push the sphere down, now to place it over 2 you can see the red arrow, that is an path. You have to push the sphere over it continuously, around the mechanism 3 and a strong wind will throw it over upper level near 2. Place it on the right spot. A new platform will emerged.

Third Sphere – The third sphere is the one you used for swinging, in-order to get that climb on the wall on your left. The best way to spot this path is the Save Point look for purple glowing light. Just walk towards the end and you will see the sphere attached to a swinging mechanism, use push to break it and the sphere will fall down. Push the sphere again to break the broken wall and bring it into the puzzle room. Now in -order to place it on the right mechanism that is number 4, push it on the backside of mechanism 3 the same you did for the second sphere.

Fallen Order Zeffo Puzzle Solution

Now here things get trick the sphere will be thrown in the air shooting over Mechanism 2 area, and then it will be thrown back over Mechanism 4 area but it will not stop, it will just keep on circling. Climb up and reach near the Mechanism 4, as soon as the sphere drop use push to place it on the right direction.

After placing all three golden balls on the right place, climb up on the new platform to reach the lift. You will have use push again to break the left area of lift. Push the spear to activate the lift and stand on the switch. That’s it, you will be out of the tomb now.

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