Genshin Impact: Best Tighnari Team Comp Guide

Check out our guide to find out the best Tighnari Team Comps in Genshin Impact.

With the release of the v3.0 Sumeru update, Genshin Impact has introduced a wide range of new characters. Tighnari is one of the most recently released Dendro element-type characters. He is a five-starred bow user with a set of interesting Dendro attacks. As this element type has several branching elements, we have compiled some team comps best suited for this character. So, here’s our guide that explains the best team Comps for Tighnari in Genshin Impact.

Best Team Comps for Tighnari in Genshin Impact

As a Dendro element type character, Tighnari can be great with Electro, Hydro, and Pyro characters. For the entire list, we have placed Tighnari as the main DPS character. But if you wish to, he can also make a great sub-DPS character.

Team Compostion #1: Tighnari, Zhongli, Yae Miko, & Albedo

This is one of the most DPS-focused team compositions from the lot. With Albedo and Yae on the same team, you can get several bonuses. With Albedo’s Geo Resonance synergy, you can get a 20 boost to the shield’s strength and a 15 Damage bonus. If you equip Yae’s Gilded Dreams set, you can get additional passive buffs. With both characters, you can get several AoE attacks.

tighnari team comp genshin impact

Team Comp #2: Tighnari, Xiangling, Yelan, & Zhongli

You can deal with greater AoE attacks with Hydro, Pyro, and Dendro element-type characters in one team. Yelan and Xiangling can both trigger different reactions with support. While the latter can trigger the Burgeon reaction, Yelan can trigger the Bloom reaction. You can change the support role of Zhongli with other healers like Bennet for additional ATK buffs and elemental mastery. But Zhongli can deal with the Elemental DMG even when he is off-field.

Team Comp #3: Tighnari, Xiangling, Collei, & Bennet

This team composition brings together two Dendro characters with two Pyro characters. Balance! With the combination of the Dendro element of Tighnari & Collei with Bennet & Xiangling, you can inflict Damage Over Time. Even if their skills receive a cooldown, your inflicted enemies will keep on dealing damage. And as mentioned before, Bennet can provide plenty of ATK buffs.

That’s everything covered about the best team Comps for Tighnari in Genshin Impact. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on the best team comps for Collei in Genshin Impact right here on Gamer Tweak.