Genshin Impact: Best Collei Team Composition Guide

Here are the best team comps that you can use with Collei in Genshin Impact.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with multiple quests and events that you will come across. While completing some of them progresses you further in the story, others help with the resources and item part. Both of which are important in your journey through the fantasy land of Teyvat. With the 3.0, or the Sumeru update, players are now finally exploring the Dendro element. While experimenting with the Dendro has been slow coming, there are still team comps that are showing great signs in Sumeru. In this guide, we will show you the best team comps for the Dendro character Collei in Genshin Impact.

Top Team Comps for Collei in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Top Collei Team Compositions

While it is still early days to call them the best team comps, so far these teams have worked a charm. One of the best things about pairing with Dendro is the two types of its second stage Bloom, the Burgeon, and Hyperbloom. A Pyro and an Electro can help in these two Blooms respectively. Accordingly, many of our team comps have revolved around this strength of Collei. Below are the best team comps for Collei in Genshin Impact.

Team Comp 1 – Collei + Tighnari + Fischl + Kuki Shinobu

Tighnari and Fischl Team Comp

If you have played with Collei, you are already aware that she is more of a support player. So what’s better than a Dendro character? Having Two Dendro characters in your team comps and Collei and Tighnari fit right in.

As we already explained the Hyperbloom ability of Collei, having two Electros along with the Dendro characters will boost your damage highly. Collei heavily influences with her passive abilities and this team composition will help her do that quite well.

Team Comp 2 – Collei + Diona + Yelan + Raiden Shogun

Yelan and Raiden Team Collei

While Raiden acts as the main DPS here, each character can use Collei’s passives to deal heavy damage. Along with that, Raiden will also be able to utilize the Hyperbloom to deal higher damage. The Hydro and the Cryo element that Yelan and Diona add respectively will also boost the team’s combat ability along with their Elemental powers. This is one of the team comps for Collei that you should try in Genshin Impact.

Team Comp 3 – Collei + Albedo + Zhongli + Keqing

Zhongli and Keqing

This team composition is interesting considering that Albedo and Zhongli are Geo characters. Keqing being the main DPS will benefit from Collei’s passive abilities. Along with the Hyperbloom, Keqing can feed off Collei’s Gift of the Woods to have more Elemental Mastery. The inclusion of Zhongli improves the shield of the team and Albedo with his passive and Elemental ability will be useful for heavy attacks.

Team Comp 4 – Collei + Xiangling + Amber + Bennett

Xiangling and Bennett

A complete firepower along with Dendro sounds quite good. It doesn’t just sound good but also fares well in battle. Xiangling, Amber, and Bennett together means there is no shortage of using the Burgeon. A team with so much firepower will easily feed off Collei and her supreme support and passive abilities.

Along with that, Bennett also brings health regeneration to this team making it even stronger. This is one team comps of Collei that is definitely worth trying in Genshin Impact.

Team Comp 5 – Collei + Amber + Raiden Shogun + Venti

Venti and Amber

Given that this team lacks a little in the defensive part of battle but the offensive side is enough to counter that. While the Hyperbloom and the Burgeon will now come into play, the main DPS and sub DPS, Raiden Shogun and Amber will hugely benefit in their offense.

Time and time again we have mentioned that Collei’s passive ability is a huge boost for a team with the correct offensive characters. Venti’s inclusion to this team is as a crowd controller to assist the DPS of this team composition. The team has shown to be working well together and you should definitely try this comps for Collei in Genshin Impact.

That’s all you need on the best Collei Team Comps in Genshin Impact. While you are here, make sure you check out our Genshin Impact guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.

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