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How To Throw Lob Pass In Madden 24

Wondering how to throw high and low lob passes in Madden 24? We will talk about how to master the lob passes.

With the release of Madden NFL 24, newcomers and veterans of the franchise may need help with some of the more complex mechanics. One such mechanic that can confuse players is how to throw a lob pass effectively. Although an experienced Madden player may already know how to use this passing technique, those new to the game will likely need some guidance to throw a lob pass in Madden 24.

How Do You Throw High and Low Lob Pass in Madden 24?

How To Throw Lob Pass In Madden 24

Platform High-Lob Pass Low-Lob Pass
PlayStation Receiver icon + L1 Receiver icon + L2
Xbox Receiver icon + LB Receiver icon + LT
PC Receiver icon + ALT Receiver icon + left CTRL

When you want to throw a lob pass to a receiver running a deep route, tap the receiver button once when dropping back – don’t hold down the button. Tapping lightly will result in a high lob pass, while holding the button will make your quarterback throw a more challenging bullet pass. Save bullet passes for shorter routes where you need velocity – lob passes are ideal for deep balls.

Remember that some quarterbacks have stronger arms and can throw better deep passes. When selecting your quarterbacks, consider their throw power and deep ball accuracy ratings. The higher these ratings, the better they’ll be at completing lob passes downfield to your receivers.

When to Use the Lob Pass?

You’ll want to use a lob pass when throwing deep balls to fast receivers sprinting downfield. A properly thrown lob will arc over the heads of defensive backs and allow your receiver to run underneath it for a significant gain. But don’t overuse lob passes – they can be risky and result in interceptions if the defence reads them.

You can also utilize the lob pass on fade routes in the end zone. Throwing a high lob to a tall receiver on a fade can allow them to go up and catch the ball over shorter defensive backs. However, bullet passes tend to be safer in the condensed space of the red zone.

That’s all on how to throw lob pass in Madden 24. If you found this guide useful, you should check out our Madden NFL 24 section for more such guides.