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Halo Infinite: How To Use Threat Sensor

Here's our guide on How to use a Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite's campaign.

Halo Infinite’s campaign is out and is filled with a new arsenal of useful tools. One of them is the Threat sensor which allows the players to see their opponents in proximity through rooms and walls regardless of their invisibility cloak. Threat Sensor is a handy tool that detects the exact location of your opponents before they know your location. You will get this tool before you face off your second main boss, Chak’Lok, in the campaign. As Chak’Lok will be using an invisibility cloak, you will have to find him using the Threat Sensor. So, here is our guide on how to use and master Threat sensor in Halo Infinite before facing off Chak’Lok.

How to use Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite

halo infinite chak lok
Chak’Lok in Halo Infinite

What is a Threat Sensor?

A threat sensor is a device that sticks wherever you throw it, including your opponents. Once it’s stuck, it will reveal the location of all the enemies within the proximity. It activates for eight seconds with a five-second cooldown, which is upgradable with Spartan Cores. You can also check out our guide on how to upgrade your gear with Spartan Cores right here.

How to use Threat sensor in Halo Infinite’s campaign?

  • If you are playing on the Xbox platform, press the RB (right bumper) button on your controller to throw the Threat Sensor.
  • For PC players, press Q to throw the Threat Sensor.

Threat Sensor will prove vital while fighting Chak’Lok. He will use his invisibility cloak to mask his location to a point where you will be unable to detect him without a Threat Sensor. The key to defeating him is switching in-between your extensive weapons and using a Threat sensor to know his location before he damages you.

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