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Halo Infinite – How To Get Spartan Cores In Campaign (All Locations)

Learn how to get Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite Campaign Mode from this guide.

In Halo Infinite Campaign, you have access to multiple Abilities. Some Abilities help to move around the map very easily while some help you in Combat. Whatever Abilities you use in the game, you will have to upgrade them to improve their usefulness. To do so you will need Spartan Cores. Spartan Cores is the resource you will need to upgrade your Abilities. In this guide, I will show you how to get Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite Campaign.

How To Get Spartan Cores In Halo Infinite?

spartan cores in halo infinite


Spartan Cores can be found scattered across the map in UNSC Crates. These Crates glow green and emit light as well as make a chiming noise. There will also be a Hologram on top of the UNSC Crates so you will know it is a Spartan Core when you see it. To get them you will have to explore the map. You will get some of the Spartan Cores while doing the Main Story and the others through exploration.

The best thing you can do is use your AI Scanner in Halo Infinite. The AI Scanner will reveal all interactive items, including Spartan Cores. This will significantly cut down your search time, making it easier to find them and upgrade your abilities faster. I would suggest using the AI Scanner in the following areas.

List of the Locations of Spartan Cores

  • Island 1, Recovery:
    • Outside of The Tower
    • Inside of The Tower
    • Northeast of Recovery
    • South of Recovery
    • FOB Foxtrot
    • Ransom Keep
    • East of Ransom Keep
    • Carrera Squad
  • Island 2, Excavation:
    • Outpost Tremonius
    • Outpost Tremonius Ship
    • North of Outpost Tremonius
    • Cobra Squad
    • Northeast of FOB Alpha
    • Southeast of FOB Alpha
    • Armory of Reckoning
    • Southwest of Excavation Site
    • Southeast of Excavation Site
    • FOB Bravo
    • Horn of Abolition
    • Forge of Teash
    • Redoubt of Sundering
    • Northeast of FOB Echo
    • West of FOB Echo
    • West of Spire
    • Southeast of Spire
  • Island 3, Pelican Down:
    • AA Gun at the East
    • AA Gun at the North
    • Southwest of the North AA Gun
    • Below Pelican
    • AA Gun at the West
  • Island 4, Sequence:
    • FOB Lima
    • Northeast of FOB November
    • Southeast of FOB November
    • Riven Gate
    • Northeast of Riven Gate
    • Three at the Northern Beacon
    • The Bridge between Island 3 and Island 4
    • Fortune Squad
    • Southwestern Beacon
    • Annex Ridge
    • FOB Juliet
    • East of FOB Kilo
    • Southeastern Beacon

This was all about getting the Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Best Upgrades For Your Gear in Halo Infinite Campaign.